“Insufficient Yang Qi causes all kinds of diseases?” Remind everyone, after winter, you should: 2 avoid and 3 eat, nourishing Yang and good health

As we all know, sunlight plays a vital role in the growth of plants, and the same is true for people. The more yang qi there is, the more energetic the person will be, and the physical condition will be better; on the contrary, if the yang qi is less, the human body will be in an “unbalanced” state, and it will be easy to get sick.

Because modern people generally have some bad living habits, it is very common to have insufficient Yang Qi. Especially now that winter has entered and the external environment is getting colder, the yang energy in the human body is more likely to be lost.

So to remind everyone, it is best to nourish the body in a reasonable way after the cold weather, such as doing“2 bogey 3 Eat”, lay a good foundation for health!

“2 taboo”

< p>1. “Don’t stay up late”

Staying up late is a behavior that consumes yang energy very much. If you don’t get enough sleep for a long time, your body will Without rest and adjustment, people will feel tired and lack energy, their resistance will also decrease, and they are more prone to health problems.

Therefore, if you want to retain Yang Qi, you must pay attention to adequate rest. It is best to go to bed early and get up early every day, so as to maintain the vitality of the body.

2. “Do not eat cold”

Facing the cold of winter, if you want to have more yang energy in your body, please remember to eat less cold food and drink less cold water. No matter how busy you are at work, you still have to eat hot meals so that your body can warm up and your yang energy is protected.

Especially middle-aged and elderly people, they usually need to pay more attention to diet and recuperation. In cold weather, you can eat more warm and nourishing ingredients to provide nutrition for the body and be healthier.

“3 Eats”

< p>1. Chinese traditional Chinese medicine red wolfberry

Goji berry is a tonic that Chinese people have been eating since ancient times. It is mild in texture and nutritious It is rich, and the way of eating is also very flexible. Whether it is soaking in water, cooking porridge, or dry chewing, it can supplement nutrition for the body.

Of course, goji berries are suitable for all ages. Whether you are young or old, you can drink a small handful of goji berries in water every day to nourish your body. Yangyang.

Although there are many goji berries on the market and the quality is mixed, there are also good finished products, such as Chinese traditional Chinese medicine Red goji berries are dried on the drying ground without sulfur fumigation and dyeing, and its raw materials are still harvested Ningxia goji berries in season. The fruit is fresh and delicious, and has higher nutrition, so it is safe to eat.

In addition, before drying, this wolfberry is manually screened and removed. Only fresh fruits with uniform size and rosy appearance are finally dried. Ready-made. Every time you use it to make a cup of wolfberry water, the soup is slightly yellow and clear, without impurities, and tastes sweet.

2. Black beans

In addition, black beans are also coarse grains, and now the diet pays attention to the combination of thickness and fineness. Eating it can make the nutrition more balanced. But remember not to consume too much every time, and it is best to use low-temperature cooking methods such as steaming, boiling, and stewing, so as to retain more of its internal substances and taste better when eaten.

< strong>3. Chrysanthemum chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum is a “gentleman among flowers” and a natural food with high nutritional value. In ancient China There is a custom of using it to make tea. The fragrant and elegant chrysanthemum tea is not only pleasant to drink, but also healthy.

Because it is winter and the air is extremely dry, many people in life will feel uncomfortable due to this, and drinking chrysanthemum tea is very helpful. In particular, Chrysanthemum chrysanthemum is the best among yellow chrysanthemums. Drinking tea can help nourish the body and mind, and has many benefits.

Qing Chi Chrysanthemum comes from Yuejia Lake in Kaifeng. Its quality is excellent. It used to be a tribute tea in the Northern Song Dynasty, but now it has become popular among the people and is highly sought after by the public.

Thanks to the green ecology of the wetland planting area, Qingchiju does not use pesticides and insists on The traditional concept allows the flowers to absorb sufficient nourishment in the environment of clear water and fertile soil, and accumulate rich active essence. After opening, the shape is plump and the color is golden.

Fresh chrysanthemums are manually picked by flower farmers, and then steamed and baked to make dried products, which are fresh and flexible. When used to make tea, the tea soup will soon overflow with a fragrant aroma, and the taste is mellow and refreshing, with a long aftertaste.