These 5 items have been “eliminated by the times”! Don’t buy it at home anymore, the dust will take up space

These 5 items have been “eliminated by the times”! Don’t buy it at home anymore, the ashes still take up space

With the continuous development of society, many “net celebrity products” can only flourish for a while, and it will take a long time It will gradually be “eliminated by the times”.

Today, I will share these items that have been “eliminated by the times”, and I suggest that you do not I hoarded it at home, The consequence of buying it home is that it not only collects dust but also takes up space.

Type 1: Beanbag

I believe that many people are like me. When I get home from get off work, I just want to lie on the sofa, brush my phone, and listen to music. It’s really cool!

After seeing the lazy sofa on the Internet, I placed an order decisively, the price is very cheap,< strong>When I first started using it, the effect was good, and it was also good to play games and read books on it.

But after using it for about a week, the The padding began to collapse, and sitting on it was not as comfortable as it was at the beginning. The whole person felt like lying on an empty rag, which was not soft at all. It would be better to lie on the sofa!

I really don’t understand why I have a good job I have to buy a lazy sofa that costs tens of dollars, it’s really tasteless!

The lazy sofa in my house has become a cat’s nest. I advise friends who want to buy it to stop this idea, it’s really unnecessary!

The second type: Balcony hanging chair

When I am on the balcony for leisure and entertainment, sitting on the hanging chair, I feel very cured just thinking about it. I also bought one after reading all kinds of beautiful hanging chairs on the Internet. After installation Fresh for a few days. After the novelty wears off, this position is either piled up with clothes or filled with sundries every day.

Now I have begun to regret why I installed a balcony chair on the balcony,It is a waste of space, and sometimes it is troublesome to dry clothes. If I can choose, I will definitely not install it again.

Seldom spend time in the chair lift, downstairs There is no scenery to see, and it is still very hot in the sun, so it is better to lie on the sofa and play with your mobile phone!

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The third type: floor garment steamer

< p data-track="62">There are indeed many practical small appliances on the Internet, but I don’t recommend you to use this floor-standing garment steamer. The ironing machine has become an idle product, basically useless.

The floor-standing garment steamer is very large and takes up a lot of space, so it can only satisfy You use it at home, and secondly, it needs to change the water frequently, otherwise it will produce a lot of bacteria and peculiar smell. My garment steamer is still in the warehouse!

If you want to buy a hanging iron to iron clothes, I suggest you choose Smaller handheld garment steamers are easy to use and don’t take up much space. Don’t buy this bulky garment steamer. It’s too much trouble to use it once!

The fourth type: Internet celebrity pots

Nowadays people like to look good As long as they look good, I wish I could take them all home, especially pots and utensils, such as snow pans, small pans, etc.

I have to say that these pots The pots and utensils placed in the kitchen really look very good, just like decorations, But most of the Internet celebrity pots and utensils are taxed on IQ, and they are not easy to use at all.

When you use these net red pots for a while Over time, dirt may appear on the inside and outside of the pot. These stains seem to grow on the top, and they cannot be cleaned with steel wool. Therefore, everyone should use traditional pots honestly!

Xiaomi’s summary:

The five items shared today have been gradually eliminated by the times, but don’t feel sorry for them. The reason why they were eliminated is mainly because they are relatively tasteless!

If you still plan to buy, you should still consider it, otherwise it will be easy to step on the thunder.