Abnormalities that require special attention on the medical report may be the prelude to serious problems

Abnormalities on the medical report that require special attention may be the prelude to serious problems

1. Mixed ground-glass nodules over 1 cm on lung CT. Ground-glass nodules, especially mixed ground-glass nodules, have the possibility of malignancy. The larger the diameter, the higher the probability of malignancy. big.

2. Cavity lesions on lung CT. Generally, lung diseases do not cause pulmonary cavities. Most of the cavities represent necrosis inside the lesions, which may be caused by infections or tumors. Performance.

3. The electrocardiogram shows ST segment depression. If ST segment depression is found on physical examination in patients with chest pain, it may be caused by myocardial ischemia, and the possibility of a precursor to myocardial infarction cannot be ruled out.

4. Liver mass shadows. Generally, it does not matter if low-density shadows are found in liver B-ultrasound. Most of them are liver cysts or hemangiomas, but hyperechoic lesions are found, especially if they indicate mass shadows. , may be caused by liver tumors.

5. Increased glycated hemoglobin is an indicator that reflects diabetes. Most people only pay attention to blood sugar. In fact, glycated hemoglobin reflects the problem even more. An increase in this indicator indicates that diabetes has occurred for at least three months. Or poor blood sugar control in the past three months.