A woman’s blood can be used by anyone. There are only 50 cases in the world.

Some people have heard of panda blood, which means that some people’s blood is very rare. The blood of a woman and her nodules in Taizhou is even rarer than panda blood. There are only 50 cases in the world. Why is it so rare? This starts with the antigenicity of our blood. As we all know, the blood of different people cannot be given to each other casually, because the encounter of blood of different blood types will lead to a serious coagulation reaction, forming blood clots in the blood vessels, which are incompatible with each other. Only people with the same blood type can transfuse blood. It is the antigenicity of red blood cells that determines this compatibility when it is accepted and played by the other party.

What determines the antigenicity of red blood cells are some substances on the surface of red blood cells. Different substances determine the type of blood type. There are more than 20 types of these substances, so there are more than 20 systems for red blood cell blood type. The most common and most important are ABO blood type and Rh blood type. As long as these two blood types can be matched, other blood type systems can also be transfused. ABO blood type is divided into four blood types: A, B, O, and AB. Rh Blood type is divided into two types: negative and positive. Most of us are Rh-positive, and very few are Rh-negative. The blood of Rh-negative people is called panda blood, and Rh is also divided into RhD, RhC, Rhc, RhE , Rhe, what we often say is RhD negative, this woman from Taizhou is all negative for all the above types of blood types, which means that blood transfusion will not cause reaction to anyone.

But people with rare blood are often in a situation where there is no blood to transfuse. Others can use her blood, but she often cannot use other people’s blood. For example, this Taizhou woman, She has anemia herself, not only can’t donate blood to others, but she is in a situation where she needs blood transfusion from others. Fortunately, her sister, like her, is a person with this kind of rare blood, and they can take care of each other.