Dalian’s new bus regulations, do not wear N95 can not take the bus, is it necessary

Three years of the epidemic, many people have begun to slack off, and they have begun to develop immunity to the word new crown. More and more people do not wear masks on the street. We say that such a situation still exists. The risk is that the mutant strain of Omicron is becoming more and more “cunning”, and it can be said that it is impossible to prevent. In view of this, some areas have begun to make a fuss on the bus. Dalian has recently introduced new regulations, and you cannot take the bus without wearing an N95 mask. , All of a sudden caused a heated discussion on the Internet, wearing N95 masks can only be used for public transportation, whether there is excessive epidemic prevention, and what is appropriate.

First of all, it is definitely appropriate and necessary to wear N95 masks in high-risk areas. The Omicron virus strain is becoming more and more contagious. In areas with relatively high virus density, N95 masks are undoubtedly It is the safest, as long as it is worn properly, it can block most viruses and effectively curb the spread of the virus.

But we also need to see the questionable points of the new regulations on N95 masks. First of all, N95 masks do affect breathing. Young people wear them well. Elderly people who need to go out, especially those with lung foundations It is more painful for the sick elderly to wear. The new regulations may affect the normal travel rights of these people. Secondly, it is not easy to buy N95 masks, especially when there is no buffer period when the regulations are introduced. influences.

Therefore, in low-risk areas, it is enough to wear an ordinary surgical mask, not necessarily an N95 mask, otherwise it may bring a lot of unnecessary trouble.