Imported nine-valent HPV suitable age groups are relaxed to 9-45 years old, will they definitely not get cervical cancer?

Up to now, five human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines have been approved for registration in China, including three imported HPV vaccines and two domestic vaccines. Other HPV vaccines have a relatively wide age range. Only the Merck 9-valent HPV vaccine, which was approved for marketing in China in 2018, is suitable for women aged 16-26 years old. Therefore, for a long time, younger and older women want to The 9-valent vaccine is not available.

This situation has recently changed, and Merck’s nine-valent vaccine has been expanded to 9-45 years old, so that more women can receive the nine-valent vaccine. As we all know, HPV virus is related to various tumors in the human body, especially cervical cancer. In addition, some types of HPV virus can also cause condyloma acuminatum. The injection of HPV vaccine is beneficial to prevent the occurrence of HPV-related tumors, but Does the HPV vaccine protect against cervical cancer?

The answer is no, just as the injection of the new crown vaccine cannot completely prevent the new crown virus infection, the injection of the HPV vaccine is not everything, because the vaccine only reduces the probability of HPV infection, but it does not In addition, although the HPV virus may cause cervical cancer, it does not mean that cervical cancer is caused by HPV infection. Therefore, it is not that the HPV vaccine does not require routine gynecological examinations and cervical cancer. Cancer screening, especially if symptoms of cervical cancer occur, with or without HPV injection, requires further examination in the hospital.