A very poignant Song poem, just written so lightly, but every sentence is touching

Women had no status in ancient times, don’t think about free love , It is even more impossible to go to a private school to receive education like a man. Only a wealthy family may invite a gentleman to teach some basic common sense, so that women can be sensible in the future family of in-laws. Of course, there are exceptions to everything. There are some talented women who are born poets. Although they have not received much education, they still occupy a place in the literary world by virtue of their own efforts, and they have written famous poems that will last forever. People relish.

Speaking of talented women now, I believe that most people will think of Li Qingzhao for the first time. As the most famous talented woman in the Northern Song Dynasty, she has a pivotal position in the history of literature, especially her words, every time It’s a classic, and it’s very sad. In fact, in addition to Li Qingzhao, there is also Zhu Shuzhen, a talented woman in the Southern Song Dynasty, who is also a great poetess.

Zhu Shuzhen was born in an aristocratic family, which makes her educated and intelligent, but Her marriage was extremely unfortunate, and she was forced by her parents to marry someone she didn’t like, which also caused the tragedy of her life, which made her suffer all her life, and finally died in depression at the age of 45. It is said that she had a childhood sweetheart lover, which made her often miss her lover after marriage. For this reason, she also wrote many extremely sad poems, the most representative of which is this “Falling Flower”.

The flowers on the branches are blooming, and the wind and rain are urging each other.

I would like to teach the Qing Emperor to always be the master, and Mo Qian to order green moss.

Zhu Shuzhen had already become a woman when she wrote this poem, but she still misses her sweetheart all the time They all hope to stay with their lover for the rest of their lives, but the reality is very cruel. After all, she has stopped marrying others, and her sweetheart has a life of her own. This incident has hit her hard, so in this poem, he is using the scene to express his feelings. , thus expressing the pain of inner grief. In such a few short sentences, I have written all the helplessness of life and the grievances of my life.

This poem is actually just written lightly, but every sentence is touching. It is this way of description that can best reflect the helplessness of the poet, as well as the grief in his bones; Two sentences, that is, expressing the heart directly, borrowing the scenery to express the feelings, and expressing the pain of sorrow. Those two sentences are also easy to understand. They roughly mean that the flowers on the branches in the distance are blooming beautifully, and they are all connected together. They look beautiful and spectacular, but the wind and rain seem to be jealous of the gorgeous flowers. , After a storm, those flowers fell one after another.

The last two sentences are allusions again, the Qingdi here refers to the legendary The god of spring, it is said that the god of spring is in charge of the seasons of spring. He says that when the tree blooms, the tree blooms when it blooms. I would like to let Qingdi, the god in charge of the sky, last longer, so that the flowers in the world can bloom to their fullest, and they can bloom for a longer time, so that the flowers will not be knocked down by the wind and rain, and then fall to the moss on the ground. These two sentences are also in sharp contrast to the previous two sentences, and describe the feeling of sad spring very touchingly.

Zhu Shuzhen’s poems are fresh and refined. In this poem “falling flowers”, it is through falling flowers that she expresses her inner grief and pain, as well as her worries about the future. Every sentence has a kind of power that directly hits people’s hearts, making people feel the helplessness and sadness for reality.

Although Zhu Shuzhen is not as famous as Li Qingzhao, her works are also wonderfully written. This poem It is full of sadness and poetry. It is precisely because she feels the helplessness and helplessness in real life, and she misses her sweetheart all the time, so she can write so poignantly. She has loved but has no results. Whether or not to marry another person is beyond his control. In fact, sometimes life is like this.