Zhu Shuzhen’s poem borrows the scenery to express emotions and expresses the unhappy mood. Every sentence is very sad.

In ancient times, there were many talented women. Not only were they extremely knowledgeable, but they also had a lot of works circulating in the world. Among them, Li Qingzhao, Yu Xuanji, Li Ye, etc., were the most well-known. They were all the most representative talented women in ancient times. , Although these people are women and still live in that feudal era, they are equally talented and no less than any men. In addition to the ones introduced above, there is also a poet in the Southern Song Dynasty, Zhu Shuzhen, who is also a talented woman who has many classic works.

Zhu Shuzhen, No. Youqi Jushi, Song Dynasty poetess, she is the most abundant preserved works in Tang and Song Dynasties One of the female poets who lived in the early years of the Southern Song Dynasty, her ancestral home was from Shexian County, Anhui Province, but in the later “Siku Quanshu”, she was also called a native of Haining, Zhejiang, and some other materials showed that she was a native of Qiantang (today’s Zhejiang Province). Hangzhou City). So now it is difficult for us to verify where she is from. It is said that she was very clever since she was a child, and was born in a family of officials. The woman in such a family would not have been sad, but from her works, we can feel her helplessness and grief everywhere.

So the reason why Zhu Shuzhen suffers from his marriage is because she had a childhood sweetheart. Her lover, but due to the opposition of her parents, she finally married a man she didn’t love, which also caused her tragedy. This also made her miss her first love all the time, and she ended up thinking about it in the end. She wrote many poignant and beautiful works when she was still alive, especially this “Early Summer”, which is a very typical lyrical work borrowed from scenes, depicting the inner sorrow and the inner sadness with a very delicate brushstroke. Every sentence is full of sadness.

Bamboo shakes clear the shadow to cover the secluded window, and the sunset is noisy at two or two hours.

Xie but Haitang flew all over, and the sleepy weather was long at the beginning of the day.

Spring is over and summer is coming, which was originally the happiest thing, but our The poet, however, is full of emotion. Facing the beauty of the early summer, he expresses more sorrow. In such a small poem, there are only four short lines and a total of twenty-eight characters, but the description is very sad, and it can be said that every word is not without sorrow; this kind of work is the most touching and most worthy of our attention. First read.

She was originally a childhood sweetheart with her first love, but she married someone else. This was not the life Zhu Shuzhen wanted at all. After all, for her, everything in the world was very bad, and she fell into grief. However, it cannot be changed, and can only be vented through words. Everyone is the same, especially when faced with a loved one and an unattainable life goal, it will feel helpless.

The first and second sentences create a sense of poignant beauty, although there is nothing superb The skill is just so easy to use, but the words are full of sorrow, “The bamboo shakes the clear shadow to cover the secluded window, and the birds are noisy at sunset.” The bamboo outside is swaying left and right in the wind, and the quiet shadow just shines on the window. Before, seeing all this makes people even more sad; the pair of birds are soaring in the sunset, which makes people look very sad, birds can live freely, but for me, it is is impossible.

The third and fourth sentences are even more poignant and sad. Xu, the sleepy weather is beginning to grow.” The begonia flowers outside have also withered, and the catkins are flying in the air, and they are about to fall. In such a hot weather, people feel a little sleepy, and the days are also longer. , so the sorrow also increased. The last sentence is even more direct, expressed through a very delicate brushstroke, which makes the poem even more sad.

Many of Zhu Shuzhen’s works are unique and full of sorrows. In this poem “Early Summer” Although the whole poem seems to be very ordinary, it just writes ordinary things and ordinary scenery; but the poet combines the mood at that time and the nostalgia for his first love, which makes this poem full of Sad, but did not write a sad word.