Original match Wei Cong and lover Xue Tao, which one does Yuan Zhen prefer? Read this poem and you will know

Yuan Zhen is a poet I admire, although now Many people think that he is too affectionate. In fact, as a talented person, his affection is understandable. Besides, the Tang Dynasty can marry a concubine. After all, the times are different. We can’t look at his behavior with today’s eyes, and we can’t simply and rudely think that he is a “scumbag”. I think this kind of evaluation is too one-sided. Yuan Zhen has a lot of love, but he doesn’t show it, and he is also very affectionate for the woman he loves.

I can tell you responsibly here that all the literati in the Tang Dynasty had three wives and four concubines. Yuan Zhen has indeed loved a lot of women, in addition to his original wife Wei Cong, there are also first loves Cui Yingying and Xue Tao.

So among the many women, who is his favorite? The original wife Wei Cong? Or lover Xue Tao? Or is it her first love, Cui Yingying?

We can feel Yuan Zhen’s deep affection from his works, and we can also know who he loves more. Taking his most classic poem “Li Si”, he should love him more. The original wife Wei Cong. The two people can be said to be talented and beautiful, and they are immortals, but this relationship did not last long. Because Wei Cong died of illness, this relationship became a major heart disease of Yuan Zhen, so that he recalled being with his wife in his later years. In the happy times of the past, I wrote this group of classic mourning poems “Li Si”.

Once upon a time, the sea was difficult to become water, except that Wushan was not a cloud.

Take a lazy review of the second flowers, half-favored cultivator and half-favored monarch.

This is the fourth and the most widely circulated one. In this poem, Yuan Zhen strengthened his belief in love, and at the same time expressed a kind of good wishes, as well as himself. Loyalty to the original partner. Although he fell in love with other women one after another, the affection he showed in this poem is something no one can do, and only a man as affectionate as Yuan Zhen can write come out. It can be seen that in his mind Wei Cong is the best choice and his spiritual partner.

When Yuan Zhen first met Wei Cong, he was attracted by his talent and beauty. So launched a crazy pursuit, and finally brought the beauty back. This relationship has also become a good story in the literary world of the Tang Dynasty, and the two have a deep relationship. Compared with his love with Xue Tao, it was more of a kind of admiration. Xue Tao was very famous at that time and was also a beautiful woman, but Yuan Zhen left her in the end, so it can be seen that he is not much different. Loving Xue Tao was just a spur of the moment when they were young, but unlike Wei Cong, their love has come to fruition.

“Li Si. The Fourth” is also Yuan Zhen’s most emotional work. The first sentence of the poem is full of love, and it also strengthens his ideal of love. Although his wife Wei Cong is long gone, he misses each other all the time, so he can write so deeply; As for the water in other places now, I don’t think it looks good anymore, because I have seen the clouds in Wushan, and now I look at the clouds in other places, I always feel that it is not beautiful at all.

The last two sentences show my attitude again, and my persistence in love. Now I am starting to practice Taoism, so even if I pass by the flowers, I am too lazy to look back. It is precisely because The reason why I am cultivating Taoism now is that I have no interest in other women, and I only love Wei Cong in this life. The flowers here refer to the beautiful women in the world. Yuan Zhen’s meaning is also very clear, that is, it is impossible for me to fall in love with others now, and only Wei Cong is in my heart.

Yuan Zhen’s love poem is touching, every sentence is very affectionate, through this poem we can also Knowing that Yuan Zhen really loves Wei Cong, not Cui Yingying and Xue Tao very much. Maybe this is also his attitude towards love. Although he had fallen in love back then, after meeting Wei Cong, he would never fall in love with another woman again, at least she was the only one in his heart.