A very interesting poem by Bai Juyi. The first two sentences are about picturesque scenery, and the last two are about friendship.

Bai Juyi’s poems are easy to understand and his words are very concise. It is easier to understand when reading his works. This is why his works have always been loved by people; surpassed Li Du. And his styles are also diverse, with different types and different themes, which can be said to be everywhere. His nicknames are also different. Others are one, but he has two, namely “Poetry King”. and “Poem Demon”.

Reading Bai Juyi’s poems can make people feel the unique beauty of poetry. Ordinary works are also very interesting to write. For example, this “Spring Snow Crossing Huangfu’s House” is a unique one among his many works. Friendship is described in a heartwarming manner. At the time of writing this poem, it was in the early spring when there was a heavy snowfall. Bai Juyi went to a friend’s house as a guest. It was because of the enthusiasm of his friend that he was deeply moved, so he wrote such a touching work.

I came back late in the snow, and the door of your house is opening.

As long as the host is happy with it, the poems and poems will come in the future.

Snow is an image in poetry, but for ordinary readers like us, we just see snow and don’t feel anything. In the early spring, when the temperature begins to drop, snowflakes will follow. Bai Juyi wrote the beautiful snow scene at the beginning, and then wrote the deep friendship between each other in the last two sentences.

Bai Juyi has actually written a lot of this kind of friendship poems, but this “Spring Snow Crosses the Huangfu’s House” also Is it different? It is embellished with snow, combined with my own feelings at that time, so as to describe this poem in a touching way. The lines are also full of poetic feelings. Every sentence is beautiful and touching. This is also the most touching poem in this poem. A unique place, for the poet, he likes to be with friends more, so that he can be moved and happy.

The first and second sentences explain the time and place, as well as the surrounding environment. In the evening, heavy snow began to fall, and I just came back from outside. However, at this time, the door of my friend’s house was open, and he warmly invited me to his house. In these two sentences, although there is no direct description of the scenery, but through the first sentence of the opening, people can feel the heavy snow, and the mood of the poet at that time, but in the second sentence, he wrote a friend again of enthusiasm.

The third and fourth sentences are even more interesting. At this time, the poet thought that others were laughing at him, but only his friends looked at him differently, and they took a fancy to him, which made him the most gratified. Playing the piano and writing poems in each other’s articles, chatting and laughing, this is the happiest time in life. It is this short distance that makes Bai Juyi so moved, so in this poem, he expresses his innermost feelings with a very delicate brushstroke, which makes the poem very poetic. .

Most of Bai Juyi’s works are very interesting and vivid, no matter what In fact, there is nothing special about this “Spring Snow Crossing the Huangfu’s House”, there is no superb technique, it is just so light and easy to write, but every sentence is full of poetry, read it It is also amazing, which is the most charming part of this poem.

In real life, Bai Juyi has also been suppressed and excluded by others, and was once demoted to Jiangzhou, for many people, this naturally means leaving him, but only this friend surnamed Huangfu treats him differently and takes a fancy to him. When he was in trouble, he would stretch out his hand to pull you. No doubt Bai Juyi’s friends pulled him and encouraged him from time to time, which made the two of them form a deep friendship.