Poetry conference champion Peng Min shared Gu Yu’s poem on Weibo, netizens: The level is too poor, it should not be posted

It’s another year of Grain Rain! Grain Rain is the last solar term in spring, and it was a very important solar term for ancient farming. Therefore, this year, some of the poets in the literary world naturally did not want to be idle and wrote many classic Gu Yu poems.

On this day, Fan Chengda, a great poet in Song Dynasty, probably enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the countryside. Wrote the song “Four Seasons Pastoral Miscellaneous”, “Grain rain is like silk and dust, and the boiled bottle of floating wax is tasting new”. On this day, Zheng Banqiao, who has always liked to write limericks, also took a serious look and wrote a Zen-like seven-character poem, “It happened to be Qingming with Grain Rain, and a cup of fragrant tea to sit in it.” How comfortable. On this day, the mischievous Tang Bohu was not idle, he drew a picture of peony, and also wrote a poem, “Gu Yu Hua Zhi No. Mouse Girl, play Nian Tong Guan and draw a picture” How happy.

There are so many classic Gu Yu poems, so naturally many poetry lovers will post on Weibo, The circle of friends shared a few songs, and Mr. Peng Min, the champion of the Poetry Conference, was no exception. Recently, Peng Min also posted a poem of Gu Yu on Weibo. It was a good intention, but when he met more serious netizens, some netizens thought that he should not post this poem and should not let everyone read it. Let’s take a look at which poem Mr. Peng posted:

Gu Yu is falling in the south and the smoke is moving between the firewood buildings. The poets of the two Jin Dynasties are just like this, with their sleeves down – Gu Cheng

Peng Min posted this content. In fact, there are very few modern Gu Yu poems in the literary world, so this poem is not very common. Peng Min can have such a dabbling in it shows that he is not only proficient in classical poetry. From the point of view of these few lines, I think the writing is very good. The beautiful poetic environment reflected in the poem shows that the poet’s pen power is very sophisticated. It depicts a rain in the south, the rain is falling, and a light mist is raised, like smoke and smoke floating in the building. In just a few sentences, the poet allows us to appreciate the beauty of Guyu.

Then why shouldn’t such a wonderful poem be posted? The reason is that many people have always been unacceptable to the poet Gu Cheng. I don’t know if you have heard such a poem: The night gave me black eyes, but I use them to find light? The name of this poem is “A Generation”, and the whole poem has only two lines. The author should not say more about its popularity. Many people often talk about it, or use it to ridicule or self-improvement. But for its author, many teachers are reluctant to tell children, because its author is Gu Cheng.

In the literary world, geniuses and lunatics are often only one step away. Although this statement is not very appropriate when applied to Gu Cheng, it also makes some sense. Gu Cheng is not crazy, but he killed his wife in 1993 due to emotional problems, and then killed himself. There has always been controversy in the literary world as to who is more talented between Gu Cheng and Hai Zi, but he and Hai Zi are different after all. Haizi lay on the rails without hurting anyone, and his “Facing the Sea, Spring Blossoms” also encouraged many confused people. But Gu Cheng was different. Although he was considered a genius-level modern poet, he took away the right of others to live.

Because of this, for many years, Gu Cheng has always been some poets who are not popular, and even a lot of them are true Netizens think that no matter how good such a poet is, no one should read his poems. In fact, I personally think this is a matter of opinion. Someone once suggested that Gu Cheng’s poem “The Night Gave Me Black Eyes” should be included in the middle school textbook. The author thinks it is a little inappropriate. After all, after being selected into the textbook, the teacher must talk about the poet’s life. When the teacher guides students May be difficult.

But personally, I don’t think there is any problem with Peng Min posting Gu Cheng’s poems on his Weibo. Gu Cheng’s works are indeed beautifully written, and it won’t hurt much for adults with right and wrong judgment to read them. Adults can also treat it rationally, separating words from what poets do to a certain extent. What do you think about this? Discussions are welcome.