A truly lucky woman has three characters on her body

Author: Wen Qiusheng

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01. Introduction

On the road of life, everyone Have the right to control your own destiny.

The fate of a woman is actually in her hands. On the road of life, women who are really lucky are often very good at talking.

Women, learn to speak well, can better handle interpersonal relationships, and will also be of great help to the management of career and marriage.

Balzac said: “A woman who can think is really a person with boundless power.”

When getting along with others, manage your mouth well, master the skills of speaking, and show your reasonableness, which will make it easier to be understood and tolerated.

Learning to speak well is a kind of practice.

Speaking well can bring more blessings to a person and make the road of life go more smoothly.

A really lucky woman has three words on her body: she can speak.

02. A woman who can talk: her career will not be too bad

Language can be the best tool for communication between people.

Getting along with people and decorating yourself with jewelry and clothes are far less than the charm shown by language.

Luo Zijun in the TV series “The First Half of My Life” found a job selling shoes after divorce.

It was a little embarrassing to meet a former friend, but she still stepped forward to greet her enthusiastically, and introduced two expensive but not easy to sell shoes.

Before she spoke, she had insight into other people’s minds, grasped their vanity psychology, and was so eloquent that they couldn’t refuse after trying the shoes, so they chose to pack them up and buy them up.

Other shop assistants praised Luo Zijun for his ability, and with a few words, the customer bought the order.

“Cai Gen Tan” wrote: “Nine out of ten words may not be called strange, and if one word is not right, it will be a collection of parallel stories.”

Being able to speak is also a kind of talent and a manifestation of wit.

A woman who can talk can explain complicated things in simple terms, go deep and explain them concisely, speak with strong logic, and have a good ability to do things Not bad.

03. A woman who can talk: a good relationship

In life, those who speak harshly and speak unforgivingly are actually very inferior. Such a person does not know how to get along well with others, and life will not be too happy.

The less able a person is, the more he likes to complain, or ridicule, and to slander others with words.

There is a line in “Bankrupt Sisters”: “With such a poisonous mouth, there must be a lot of bitterness in the heart.”

< p data-track="30">If you know how to speak well, you will have more sunshine in your life, and when you get along with others, you will not have an embarrassing situation that makes the atmosphere drop to freezing point.

A ​​person who can talk has high emotional intelligence, and speaks softly, which can comfort people’s hearts. Speak, know how to measure, and can avoid other people’s wounds.

Moreover, it is still humorous and witty, and a few words can turn anger into joy. Not only is he good at adjusting the atmosphere, but he is also easy to be liked by others.

A person who can talk, knows how to measure, hasA sense of boundaries can accumulate better popularity, make more friends, and gain more help and warmth.

04. Talking woman: knowledgeable

A woman who can really talk, has knowledge and self-cultivation inside. There is knowledge within, and self-cultivation in the words spoken.

A knowledgeable woman has a deeper understanding of life and can see the essence of things. What you say is far-sighted and has a relatively large pattern.

Chat with her, you can get a lot of inspiration, and getting along with her has become a very interesting thing.

A woman who can speak, has thought carefully before speaking, and will not express herself in a confusing manner, which is difficult for people to understand.

Respect everyone, be modest and prudent, not inadvertently hurt others, know the general situation, have a pattern, and be able to live a more beautiful posture.

Inwardly cultivated and knowledgeable, it is easy to find common topics with others. Moreover, when a knowledgeable woman speaks, it makes people feel that she has a special temperament.

In life, a woman who can talk and is well-bred, speaks in a gentle, well-founded, lively and interesting way.

Often can chat very speculatively with people, and it is easy to be liked by others and make friends with them.

05, Message from Wen Qiusheng

A wise woman has already cultivated the ability to speak.

They have flexible thinking, can quickly sort out the clues, find the right way out, and express themselves with appropriate language.

Know how to speak well and don’t offend people easily. Be able to get along well with everyone, and get more praise and recognition for what you say.

Keep learning and arm yourself with strong knowledge reserves. Brilliant, dignified atmosphere, can be reflected from the language.

If a woman wants to have a good destiny, she can start by practicing the ability to speak.

Continuously improve the realm of your speaking, you can make more confidants, have more friends who can communicate spiritually, and make more good karma , life is full of joy.


About the author: Wen Qiusheng lives on words. The autumn wind boils the rain, a glass of sake, two or three stories, and I will be with you on the lonely road.