The best practice (deep and good text)


Nan Huaijin said: The real practice is to cultivate the mind in the world of mortals.

Cultivation is not on the mountain, If you are not in the temple, you cannot be separated from society, and you cannot be far away from reality.

Therefore, it is best The best practice is: practice in life, live in practice.


Life is the best place for practice

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Cultivation is not about living in seclusion in the mountains, nor is it just about knocking on wooden fish.

Real practice requires Fall into daily behavior and face every problem in life.

There is a Zen master in When answering “what is practice”, he said, “eat when you are hungry, and sleep when you are tired”.

Some people listen If you don’t understand, ask: “Who else can’t eat or sleep?”

The Zen master replied: “There are always people who pick and choose when they eat, but think about other things when they sleep.”

Yes, even if it is eating, sleeping, sweeping the floor, washing dishes, as long as you can Focusing on the present moment is practice.

Cultivation is not empty talk , Regardless of family and friendship, regardless of money or work, the place where problems arise is our place of practice.

Where is the problem, Just practice wherever you are, until you get through this problem, you will not fall into confusion and difficulties.

If there is no problem , Where does the practice come from in all the peaceful and beautiful places?

Away from real life When it comes to practice, it is like a fish leaving the water and a bird leaving the sky.

So life is It is the best dojo for practicing.


Cultivation is for a better life

Cultivation is not to avoid reality in order to avoid troubles, nor is it to entertain oneself in order to highlight the realm.

Practice is to solve The problems in reality and the removal of obstacles in the heart are for people to live a better life.

It’s not a escape , Don’t ask about worldly affairs, but face difficulties and solve problems in the mundane world,

Seeing life clearlyAfter the truth and essence of life, I still love life.

Cultivation is not for you Leave your family and be alone, but let you learn how to love,

Love your family and friends until your heart is filled with love and love all life.

It’s not for you Break away from life and the crowd, but let you carry the wisdom and compassion after practice,

< p data-track="57">Facing the impermanence of the world calmly and without fear, to help all the people and things in need in the world.

The so-called practice means It is for our better life.


The best practice is to meet yourself with inner stability

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There is a story that a young monk learns to meditate, but every time he enters meditative concentration, I felt a big spider come out, and I couldn’t drive it away.

No way, he You can only ask the old monk for advice.

The old monk said : “The next time you enter the time, if the big spider comes out to make trouble again, you can draw a circle on its belly with a pen to see which monster it is.”

The little monk fell into meditation again, and the big spider really appeared again.

He quickly picked up the pen Come on, draw a circle on the spider’s belly as a mark.

Who knows just one After painting, the big spider will disappear. Without the intrusion of the big spider, the little monk was able to settle down safely.

Waiting for the little monk to come out After settling down, I realized at a glance that the circle drawn on the big spider’s belly was on my own.

At this time the little monk Only then did I realize that the big spider that fell into samadhi did not come from the outside world, but from my own restless heart.

Many times, the so-called Most of my troubles and problems stem from inner unease.

I feel uneasy, It is easy to magnify external interference and affect our solution to problems.

If you are at peace, All the surrounding environment will not be shaken.

Nan Huaijin said: “Practice is not to meet Buddha, but to meet yourself.”

The best practice is to meet yourself with inner stability.