A special themed party day event

Weifang Daily News from Weifang Financial Media On November 25, the party branch of Weixian Concentration Camp Museum of Le Dao Academy held a theme party day event. Different from the past, there are no fixed routine activities, but a special voluntary service for epidemic prevention and control. Party members and cadres are on the front line, serving every corner of each community.

Le Tao Yuan Weixian Concentration camp museum party member volunteers disinfected residents.

Cui Hongyan is one of the party members who participated in voluntary service. She is in her 20s and has 5 years of party membership. Early in the morning on the 25th, she got busy with her colleagues. The party branch of Weixian Concentration Camp Museum of Le Daoyuan took the initiative to connect with Weifang City People’s Hospital and Ledaoyuan Community, Guangwen Street, Kuiwen District, and set up a temporary nucleic acid testing point at the entrance and exit of Yuhe Scenic Area, and cooperated with medical staff to scan code registration, collect samples, and remind Residents queue up for testing in an orderly manner and wear masks correctly.

Le Tao Yuan Weixian Volunteers from party members of the concentration camp museum assisted in sampling.

Meng Yao, 26 years old this year, is also a young “old” party member. Although he has not been working for a long time, he never complains when he does things. In the past few days, she went to the community many times as a volunteer for epidemic prevention, and she also gained a lot of touch. “I help residents scan codes to register in the community and maintain order. From time to time, residents come to ask me if I am cold and what I need, which makes me feel very warm.” Meng Yao said.

The different themed party days show the same original mission. In the next step, the party branch of the Weixian Concentration Camp Museum of Le Daoyuan will continue to play the role of a battle fortress, unite and mobilize the cadres and the masses, and strictly implement various measures for epidemic prevention and control, so that party members can serve more warmly and epidemic prevention and control will be more effective.

Weifang Daily All-Media Reporter: Luo Fumiao/Wentu