The twilight becomes a torch, and the wind of voluntary service blows the ancient city

Weifang Daily News from Weifang Financial Media Over the past few days, volunteers can be seen everywhere on the front line of epidemic prevention and control in Qingzhou City. Checking, or assisting in the development of nucleic acid testing… and strive to contribute to the protection of the health and safety of the masses.

Based on the new era, show new deeds. In recent years, Qingzhou City has taken the development of voluntary service as an important starting point to improve social civilization and promote economic and social development. A “City of Volunteers” shared by all.

Qingzhou Volunteer Association Volunteers clear leaves from the road after the rain.

Volunteer service protects the “temperature” of the city

On November 23, at a distribution center for epidemic prevention materials, Guo Kaizheng, a volunteer from Qingzhou Sunshine Social Work Service Center, assisted The staff distributes epidemic prevention materials. “We are on standby 24 hours a day. After receiving the bill of lading, we will prepare as soon as possible, and deliver the materials to the front-line personnel as soon as possible.” Guo Kai said.

Qingzhou Sunshine Social Worker We are assisting the staff to carry the anti-epidemic materials.

Wang Qingzhou, deputy director of the Propaganda Department of the Qingzhou Municipal Party Committee, told reporters that there are about 1,300 volunteer service teams of various types in the city, with 160,400 registered volunteers. Among them, there are 17 professional volunteer service teams at the municipal level. They converge into one force, gather into a ray of light, convey civilization and spread love.

Together is a ball of fire, and scattered is a sky full of stars. In Qingzhou, no matter where it is, all kinds of voluntary services always attract people’s attention. Up to now, Qingzhou has carried out more than 200 volunteer service projects of various types, and has created brands of volunteer service activities such as “Happy Hall for the Elderly”, “Guardian with Childlike Heart and Companionship with Love”, “Walk to Hundreds of Homes to Send Warmth”, “Let Love Continue to Be Harmonious and Happy”32 indivual.

Volunteering of Qingzhou Volunteer Association The reporter is visiting the needy people.

The volunteer service project “Lighting Micro-Wish” helped 346 children realize their dreams one by one; the volunteer service project “Love Escort 365” provided rescue services for more than 3,000 people; Nearly 400,000 yuan in stipends, lighting up the education path of 350 students with difficulties; 108 “Hope Huts” make children’s childhood happier…

During the voluntary service of Qingzhou “Lighting Micro Wish” brand, the volunteers are students of Shaying Primary School Send them study books.

According to statistics, in the past 10 years, various volunteer service organizations in Qingzhou have donated a total of 150 million yuan in money and materials, and helped 3 million people in need. In order to further promote the spirit of voluntary service, this year, Qingzhou officially proposed to speed up the construction of a “volunteer city”, and made institutionalized regulations from four aspects: voluntary service system, voluntary service system construction, improvement of voluntary service level, and cultivation of voluntary service culture, to promote voluntary service. High-quality development of the service industry.

The bond of virtue “blesses” social governance

Building a “City of Volunteers” is a kind of spiritual temperament and an inexhaustible force to promote development. Recently, the “Meide Bank” in Nanmalan Village, Gaoliu Town, Qingzhou City, as a model for promoting village governance, has been praised by the general public in Qingzhou.

It is reported that Nanmalan Village established a “virtue ledger” based on the good people and good deeds in the village, and used the points as the basis for the village’s evaluation of excellence and credit evaluation, which stimulated the enthusiasm of villagers to participate in the daily work of the village . “The villagers consciously participate in the daily work of the village and contribute to the development of the village. Now the management of the village is more streamlined.” Wang Shoujun, Secretary of the Party Branch of Nanmalan Village, said.

This is Qingzhou’s “internalizing” the spirit of volunteer service, exploring the transformation of volunteer service from “basic social service” to “participating in social governance”, and establishing a “virtue link” between civilized practice and grassroots governance a vivid practice.

Today, in order to promote the integration of voluntary services into grassroots governance, Qingzhou has 74 river patrol volunteer service teams assisting in the management of rivers and lakes, and 1067 volunteer service teams have gone to schools, supermarkets, etc. to assist in the development of vaccines Injection, nucleic acid detection, etc…

Volunteer service station in Weifang Yidu Central Hospital.

At the same time, the city has also established aThe county, town, and village levels of civilized practice volunteer service teams have extensively established Lei Feng volunteer service stations in public places such as communities, scenic spots, parks, squares, etc., opening up the “last mile” to facilitate the people and serve the masses.

‘Spiritual core’.” Wang Qingzhou said that the majestic power gathered by the spirit of voluntary service is being transformed into a vivid practice of serving the masses and promoting development.

Use the spirit of voluntary service to promote the creation of civilization. Qingzhou revolves around the goal of “living, working, traveling, and raising” and focuses on the shortcomings of people’s livelihood. The old communities have a new look, the back streets and alleys are exquisite and picturesque, the bazaars are upgraded and upgraded, and the public toilets are bright and bright. Neat…

Qingzhou Ancient City Volunteer service station in the scenic area.

Enrich the people’s “happiness list” with the spirit of volunteer service. The “smiling service” and “accompanying service” actions in the government service window continue to deepen; “Double registration of party members” does good things for the community and does practical things, and tempers the spirit of cadres in practice; Road” and so on, making the urban and rural environment picturesque…

According to reports, up to now, more than 70 advanced models in Qingzhou have been commended above the Weifang city level, and 16 volunteer service models have been awarded the province’s “Four One is the most beautiful”, 15 people were selected into the list of good people in China, and 3 people were selected as national moral models. The wind of civilization is blowing all over the ancient city.

Weifang Daily All-Media Reporter: Fu Sheng/Wentu Correspondent: Liu Fangfang