Diabetes can be “reversed”! Experts say frankly: 4 types of sugar lovers have a higher success rate, which is worth pondering

The latest epidemiological data show that the prevalence of diabetes remains high. The prevalence of diabetes among people aged 18 and above is 12.8%, and the diagnosed patients account for 1/ 3. Among this population, the diabetes awareness rate is 1.5%, the cure rate is 32.2%, and the control rate is 49.2%, which are still at a low level.

Among the many diabetic patients, type 2 diabetes accounts for more than 90% of the total number, although diabetes itself is not It will not be fatal, but high blood sugar itself is prone to various complications, especially cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, which is the main factor of diabetes disability and death.

For patients with diagnosed type 2 diabetes, whether diabetes can be cured or reversed should be regarded as their greatest concern.

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What is “Diabetes Reversal”?

There is currently no generally accepted precise definition of reversal. If it is from a simple and popular point of view, and diabetic patients will no longer have injections and medicines, the blood sugar in the body can return to a normal state.

From a scientific point of view, it should mean that the detection of glycosylated hemoglobin is normal without the application of hypoglycemic drugs, and the OGTT test indicates that glucose metabolism and The islet functions returned to normal or close to normal.

  • Reversal is not the same as cure.

The so-called reversal means no hypoglycemic drugs, normal blood sugar, still need daily diet control or lifestyle intervention.

The so-called cure of Bhutan, not You need to take Tibetan Tangyao Relay Stone, usually eat barbecue skewers, eat cakes, and drink dessert drinks, and your blood sugar can still remain normal. Diabetes can still be reversed, but not yet cured.


Diabetes can be “reversed”! Experts say frankly: the success rate of the 4 types of sugar lovers is higher, which is worth pondering The journal “The Lancet” published the results of a diabetes study: patients can successfully reverse type 2 diabetes by dieting and losing weight.

Such medical discourse is authoritative, and the results of this study are in Reports at the World Diabetes Federation Congress in 2017 and the American Diabetes Association Congress in 2019 attracted worldwide attention.

In this experiment , the patients only ate low-calorie soup, milkshakes and other liquid food every day. In the end, nearly 50% of the patients successfully reversed their type 2 diabetes and maintained their blood sugar in the normal range for at least 6 months to a year.

The so-called reversal is not what we understand, recovery means no need for injections and medicines, Only a good lifestyle can maintain normal blood sugar in the body, which is commonly known as the “honeymoon period”. The more deeply recorded values ​​in this epic breakthrough research are worthy of people’s digging.

Study Confirms Type 2 Diabetes Reversal Is More Prevalent Among Those Who Lost More Weight Specific The data is as follows:

A weight loss of more than 15 kg was achieved in 86% of patients. Weight loss of 10-15 kg, 57% of people achieved remission. 34% of people who lost 5 to 10 kg of weight achieved remission. 7% of people who lost 0 to 5 kg of weight were relieved. Of course, there is also weight gain. At this time, 0% of the people get relief. That is to say, the more weight you lose, the more benefits patients receive. This undoubtedly points out the direction for the reversal of diabetes, that is – lose weight!


Experts remind: 3 types of sugar friends have a higher success rate

Obese diabetics

For obese diabetics For example, weight loss can be used to alleviate the problem. This is because the patient has too much body fat and develops insulin resistance. Insulin cannot produce normal hypoglycemic effects, and blood sugar is abnormal. will be higher than normal.

After weight loss, the fat in the body is reduced, which may improve the phenomenon of insulin resistance, and insulin can restore the decline The efficacy of sugar, weight control, can also achieve a high success rate of diabetes reversal.

drug-induced Diabetes

Because of drug factors, blood sugar in the body rises, which is called secondary Diabetes mellitus can also be reversed with removal of the predisposing factors and treatment of the underlying disease.

Therefore, many patients can fully recover their blood sugar after stopping the drug, but they must pay attention at this time The latter stage of the primary disease is solid, or the condition may recur.

Patients with shorter duration of illness

It can be reversed for early diabetic patients, because the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes is relatively insufficient insulin secretion in the body, or insulin resistance , Standardize the treatment diet in the early stage of the disease, intervene to partially restore the function of the islets in the body, and the blood sugar required by the human body can reach the standard.

So diabetes is not As scary as it may seem to people, active therapeutic life interventions are most reversible without exacerbations.


Knowledge extension—why do liver triglycerides and pancreatic fat levels affect reversal?

In fact, when the human body accumulates too much fat that should be stored under the skin, Fat will be transferred to other parts of the body, but the amount of fat that can be stored varies from person to person, which also means that there is a “fat threshold” in the human body. If this threshold is exceeded, fat will cause harm.

When the fat cannot be safely stored under the skin, it will be stored in your liver, and even spread to the body, other parts including the pancreas, which will also block the pancreas at this time, which is responsible for The beta cells that secrete insulin will be damaged if they are exposed to excessive fat for a long time, which will affect the normal secretion of insulin and lead to type 2 diabetes.

Therefore, diabetes should be paid more attention to. It is necessary to adjust the diet structure and exercise actively for early detection and early treatment , more conducive to the reversal of diabetes, must not give up.