A rich man in Sichuan bought wine, but because of the bad attitude of the shop assistant, he threw 8 bottles of Moutai in anger. What happened?

Now that the Internet is more and more developed, people can know what they want to know through the Internet, and they can also understand the news that happened all over the country. I have gained more knowledge, and I believe you have heard many embarrassing things about people on the Internet.

I also heard about such a thing two days ago, there is a rich man from Sichuan, maybe he is relatively simple, usually dressed like an ordinary person, because his child wants to Married, he felt that his daughter should have a little more attention when she got married, so he went to the largest local tobacco and alcohol store to prepare wine for his daughter. He wanted to ask the clerk to introduce some expensive wine to him, but the clerk started Sell ​​some more cost-effective.

At first, the rich man thought it was nothing, but later the rich man always felt that the wine was not too bad It suits me, and I want to choose some more expensive ones, so I asked the clerk if there is Moutai in the store, but the clerk thought he was very wordy, and I had introduced all the wines I introduced before, and I didn’t buy a bottle, so my face was very upset Well, ask him, do you have that much money?

The rich man got angry when he heard it. Although he said that he didn’t reveal his wealth, he shouldn’t have such a service attitude. Is it wrong to look at it? Why do you still look down on people with such an attitude? I was very angry when I heard that, so I asked other shop assistants to take me to find the Moutai in the shop.

After the other clerks took him to find the Moutai in the store, the rich man picked up the bottle very angrily He started to fall, and then the sound became louder and louder. Customers and salespeople in the store began to stop him. Finally, he counted and found that a total of 8 bottles of Moutai had been dropped. After paying the bill, I left, and said that I would never come to this store to buy alcohol again.

Later, the clerk was also dismissed by the store manager, which not only affected the business of the store but also affected the reputation of the store. I believe everyone has heard of it, but the number of such rich people around is Very few, most of them are ordinary people. If you feel that you can’t afford expensive wine or the cost is too high when you usually attend wedding banquets or business gatherings, you can choose some wines with high cost performance.

Now there are many liquors in the liquor market that can be cheap and taste good, but everyone has not yet I have a comprehensive understanding. If I understand it carefully, I will find that I have missed a lot of good wine. It is also possible to try more different types of liquor. If you are looking for a wine with high cost performance, you can give it a try“Kun Jiangtai”.


This wine was used when the children of my relatives got married. I tasted it at the banquet and thought The taste is not bad. I asked about the price at that time. My relatives told me that this wine is not expensive at all, and a normal family in the early 100s can accept it. I nodded and said that the price/performance ratio is really high, and I tasted it.

Tell me recently that of course, I have selected it specially, because the raw materials are well selected, so overall it is not too bad, the raw materials are the same as Maotai Brewed from high-quality red sorghum, the taste is also top-notch. Its brewing process is the classic 12987 traditional process.

Now use this There are not many wines brewed by traditional crafts. 15-year-old wine and 20-year-old wine are added, so the taste is rich and layered. This point has reached the consensus of many drinkers. Secondly, its outer packaging is very beautiful, and the main color is gold, which looks very auspicious and noble.

Marriage is always a festive event, if you choose a A noble and elegant wine is even better. This wine is mainly gold, and the font is reddish brown. It doesn’t look tacky but is natural, so it is very suitable for wedding banquets or business banquets. And I recommend, if you need to use alcohol for work, this one is pretty good.

I heard him say After finishing it, I felt that he knew a lot about drinking, so I asked him if he knew other wines with high cost performance. He told me that there are many wine friends with high cost performance, and the taste is different. The wine just now is sauce-flavored. Yes, I don’t know if you know the fragrance type of wine, if you do, you can try “Zhuyeqing”.

He told me that the wine tasted very good, with a Qingxianger, I said wait until I buy it home in two days and try it out. I just need to go on a business trip after a while, so I guess I need to ask you more about this. He said don’t worry, just ask me about these things. If it can help you solve it, it will definitely help you. This wine tastes good and has a relatively long history in our country. People who drink it often know that its reputation is still quite good.

After listening to it, I nodded and decided to try both of these wines, but I prefer the first one, because I think the first kind of wine has a good-looking outer packaging and is very cost-effective Gao, it is very suitable for business banquets. The above is today’s knowledge sharing. If you are interested, please leave a message and interact with me in the comment area below.