The 65-year-old Northeast uncle “tested wine by himself” for 30 years, he was in good health, and exposed 3 big lies about liquor

It is well known that Northeast people love to drink and can drink. For them, drinking alcohol can not only eliminate the melancholy in their hearts, forget unhappy people and things, but also bring joy to people. Proper drinking is also good for the body, and this is the charm of liquor!

However, nowadays the liquor industry is mixed, and there are more and more “rumors” about liquor, such as: liquor The more expensive the better, the sauce-flavored wine is better than other flavored wines, etc. But are there any basis for these?

Uncle Zhang from Harbin is 65 years old this year. He is a retired worker. He has no other hobbies, except for drinking. For 30 years, baijiu can be seen on the table every day. In his words, if you don’t drink for a day, you will tremble all over. The key is drinking every day, Uncle Zhang’s body is still very strong!

Of course, Uncle Zhang’s 30 years of wine is not for nothing. As an “old alcoholic”, Uncle Zhang also summed up the liquor “Three Big Lies”, let’s see if you have been tricked!

First: the better the hops, the better the quality of the wine

In this era of “looking at the face”, the importance of appearance is self-evident . But for baijiu, Uncle Zhang advises everyone not to be an “appearance association”. In fact, hops are not directly related to wine quality. But there is no doubt that the hops of a good wine look good.

But on the other hand, wine with good hops is not necessarily good wine. Because of the advanced technology now, there are many ways to counterfeit hops, and with the addition of additives, some of them can even be faked! So don’t use hops to judge the quality of wine.

Second: The blended wines are all fake wines

Nowadays , The brewing method of liquor has also undergone new changes. However, in everyone’s inherent cognition, they all think that blended wine is fake wine, which is usually called alcoholic wine.

But in fact, blending is only a kind of brewing process of liquor. Not all blends are alcoholic!

Different aroma wines, vintage wines and grain wines can be blended, and the meaning of blending is only to make the wine body present a variety of different levels of taste! Even in many large wineries, the blending method is used to blend the base wine with the aged wine, which is also to make the wine body more mature and improve the taste.

Third: The longer the liquor is aged, the better

Everyone Knowing that baijiu needs to be aged after brewing, some people even keep baijiu for decades, but in fact this is also a very one-sided point of view!

Not every kind of liquor is suitable for long-term storage. For example, the best drinking time for light-flavored liquor is within one year, while that for strong-flavored liquor is within three years. The fragrance type will last longer, within five to ten years. And if the storage time is too long, the quality of the wine will change, and the taste will only become more and more unpleasant!

After listening to what Uncle Zhang said, everyone also understood some lies in the liquor industry. But Uncle Zhang has been drinking for so many years, but his body is still strong. Why is that??

Uncle Zhang replied with a smile: Although he can’t afford Moutai and Wuliangye, he usually drinks wine very carefully, and Uncle Zhang will not drink too much every time, at most two or two a day , There will be no burden on the body! After all, Uncle Zhang also shared with us this manshang wine he often drinks recently.

This is a sauce-flavored wine, which is truly brewed with pure grains. Although the price is relatively low, the price of a single bottle does not exceed 200, but it is unambiguous in the choice of raw materials. It only uses glutinous sorghum with red tassels as the main material, and it is blessed with Chishui River. Apart from that, there are no other redundant ingredients. Only when the water is clear and the grain is pure, can a cup of pure grain and high-quality wine be brewed!

It is worth mentioning that the origin of this Manshang wine is located in Guizhou, the core production area of ​​Chinese sauce wine In Moutai Town, the province, the superior geographical location and high-quality raw material selection make Manshang wine have an indescribable “Mao flavor” when drunk. For this reason, the locals also affectionately call it “affordable Moutai” that ordinary people can afford!

You can taste the rich flavor of soy sauce wine as soon as you drink it, take a sip, and the burnt aroma of grain will be in your mouth It lingers in the middle of the mouth, it is comfortable and soft in the throat, silky and soft, not spicy, and you will not have a headache the next day after drinking it, it is delicious!

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