A prescription for treating high blood pressure, smoothing liver qi, promoting blood circulation and dredging collaterals, clearing liver and purging fire, stably lowering blood pressure

In recent years, high blood pressure has a younger trend, Many young and middle-aged friends around me started to take antihypertensive drugs because they found blood pressure increased during physical examination. With the improvement of our living standards, unhealthy living habits such as fatty and salty diets and lack of exercise have made hypertension no longer an exclusive disease for the elderly. If blood pressure is not well controlled, serious diseases such as coronary heart disease and stroke will increase.

The purpose of TCM treatment of hypertension is not to lower blood pressure, but to overall conditioning< /span>. Many hypertensive patients are accompanied by symptoms such as dizziness, tinnitus, headache, tantrums, irritability, and poor sleep. After improving physical fitness and alleviating symptoms, blood pressure will naturally stabilize and there is no need for long-term medication.

Some time ago, I received such a patient Mr. Li, 33 years old. Mr. Li complained : I have dizziness and insomnia for almost a year. History of present illness: high blood pressure, up to 200/120mmHg at the peak, controlled by amlodipine now, blood pressure 150/107mmHg, blood pressure can drop to normal on weekends, dizziness, abdominal distension, diuresis, usually Poor sleep, pale red tongue with little coating, deep and tight pulse.

Chinese medicine diagnosis: Vertigo. Syndrome diagnosis: stagnation of liver qi, inflammation of liver fire.

Indications:Sparse Smooth liver qi, activate blood and dredge collaterals, clear liver and relieve fire. Then use Sancao Jiangya Decoction, Sini Sanhe prescription plus addition and subtraction of insect syndromes, the prescription is as follows:

composition : Prunella vulgaris, Gentiana, Motherwort, Bupleurum, Radix Paeoniae Alba, Citrus aurantium, Raw Licorice, Uncaria, Gastrodia elata, Wholeworm, Earthworm, Centipede, Fried Date Seed, Calcined Oyster, Parasitic.


Among them, this prescription is combined with Sini powder to treat vertigo caused by liver fire, and it is effective after repeated use . Hypertension and liver-fire inflammatory vertigo, vertigo is the mark, and the internal organs and yin and yang imbalance are the root. Sancao Jiangya Decoction nourishes yin to subdue yang and nourish Blood is used to soften the liver, clear the liver to reduce adverse qi, dissipate stagnant qi to induce stagnation, thereby regulating the mechanism of qi, lowering blood pressure, and leading directly to its source.

Prescription Paeonifloric acid absorbs, nourishes liver yin, regulates liver qi, relieves emergency and relieves pain ; Compatible with licorice, sour and sweet to transform yin to control hyperactive yang. Prunella vulgaris is good at clearing liver fire, soothes liver qi and relieves stagnation. It is a commonly used medicine for high blood pressure; Detoxification, promoting blood circulation and diuresis; in addition, Bupleurum and Citrus aurantium in Sini Powder can help soothe the liver and regulate Qi. Combined use of various medicines can restrain liver yin and calm liver fire, promote liver qi and smooth qi movement, lower qi and blood and harmonize yin and yang. for hypertensive qi disorder, The wind and fire are spinning upwards, and the pathogenesis of water and blood is the key to the same disease, and it works well.

Mr. Li returned home after a period of recuperation for a follow-up visit: After taking the medicine, he felt that his dizziness was relieved, and his blood pressure was well controlled. All the symptoms were greatly improved, and according to Mr. Li’s condition, he was allowed to recuperate for a period of time to consolidate it.

Many young people now have The problem of blood pressure should not be easily labeled as life-long medication. For such patients, first change their unhealthy life and work style. , It’s time to rest and rest, this is a kind of treatment in itself. Then you can find our traditional Chinese medicine for conditioning. As long as the thinking is correct, you can generally get good results.

The ultimate goal of medicine should be less illness and fewer serious illnesses, rather than taking medicine for life. Of course, this kind of thing is about fate. If you don’t believe in Chinese medicine, there is nothing wrong with it. This kind of thing is also about luck. Find the right doctor of Chinese medicine, regardless of age or qualification , is also critical.