Between the opposite sex, there are the following “bad” feelings, which means that it is true love

Author: Wen Qiusheng

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01. Introduction

Love is a heartbeat a feeling of.

When you love someone, you can’t see them, like scratching your heart with claws, but when you see them, you are at a loss.

Hong Huang said: “When the older generation fall in love, they haven’t held hands yet, but their hearts are already full of affection.”< /p>

In today’s society, love seems to have become fast food. Love, come quickly, go quickly. In fact, the love that is easy to miss is often not true love.

True love is slow, it will stay in your world, waiting for you to discover it quietly.

If you really love someone, there will be a wonderful reaction. When you see the person you like, there will be some different feelings.

Perhaps, your face will turn red inexplicably, or when you see her, your mind will suddenly go blank, your speech will be incoherent, and you don’t know what to say.

Love can be felt.

There are these three “bad” feelings between the opposite sex, which means it is true love.

02. Missing like crazy, unable to sleep at night

< p data-track="19">When you really love someone, your heart is like on fire, and your longing is like gasoline. You can’t stop loving and missing her no matter what.

If there is true love between two people, the longing for each other will continue to deepen. It even makes people sleepless at night, often worrying about gains and losses because of thinking too much.

Zhang Xiaoxian wrote in “Missing”: “Love is the never-ending longing for each other, the never-ending concern, the willing concern Trip.”

Missing is sweet, but also very bitter.

When I miss someone, I can’t help but smile, and my mind is full of the other person’s appearance. No matter where he goes, he will recall various fragments of being with him, and even look forward to a bright future for the two of them to be together.

In the dead of night, because you can’t contact him, you will feel anxious and worried in every possible way.

Missing makes people insomnia, their minds are churning like rivers, lakes and seas, and when they close their eyes, they don’t feel sleepy at all. After tossing and turning, he had no choice but to get up, and only then did he admit that love hurts people.

Missing is a cup of bitter coffee, and the other party’s response “I love you” or “I miss you” is a candy, which can dissolve all the pain in the heart, sweet to the bottom of my heart.

03. Worrying about gains and losses, insecure, afraid of losing

Love will make a person worry about gains and losses, feel insecure, always afraid that the one he loves will leave him.

If two people are together, if there is a conflict, I am afraid that he will misunderstand, so I turn around and leave.

In “Daily Life of Qingqing”, Yin Zheng married Li Wei just to take care of the overall situation. But in getting along day and night, they cultivated true feelings.

When Li Wei kept saying that he was going to leave, his mood would become very depressed. Originally, it was a great joy to open the house and go to court, but Li Wei always planned to go home, which made his mood cloudy all of a sudden.

He loves her deeply, and doesn’t want to force her to stay by his side, he wants to fulfill her.

However, if she really wants to leave, he is also very sad in his heart. Because, he was afraid that he might not be able to see her again in his lifetime, but he didn’t know what to do…To keep her.

The feeling of worrying about gains and losses, the feeling of fear of losing her, filled his heart with pain.

When getting along with the opposite sex, if you become anxious about gain and loss because you are afraid of losing the other party, it is a manifestation of deep love.

When you love deeply, you are afraid of parting, and you are afraid of turning around for a lifetime.

04, inexplicably flustered, worried that he was injured

Love means worrying, forbearance, and wanting to do everything to care for and protect a person.

Ni Yining wrote in “Give Me a Reason to Put on Armor Again”: “It is never love but preference that can give people a sense of security. “

When you really love someone, you always feel that he is stupid and doesn’t know how to take good care of yourself.

When I can’t see him, I will worry about him inexplicably. Moreover, I can always list a lot of his shortcomings in my heart, but they all turn into worries, always afraid that he won’t be able to eat well or wear warm clothes.

During the days away from him, I was worried about whether he would encounter troubles, whether he would encounter things that he could not solve, and was always alone and helpless.

When I can’t see him, my heart is always full of worries and worries. I wish I could pave the way for him in the future and see him live comfortably and contentedly , will feel at ease.

Between two people, if they are always inexplicably flustered for each other, always worried that he will be hurt, and don’t know how to take care of themselves, then it is actually a kind of love Performance.

Because of love, you will care; because of love, you will care.

05, Wen Qiusheng’s message

True love can be felt, as long as you cherish observation, you can feel the special feeling of love in your heart.

Truly love someone, with yearning and lingering in his eyes, concern and exhortations in his mouth, I hope he can feel this love, so that two people can get closer , can lead to a good marriage.

The deeper the love, the easier it is to experience the pain of lovesickness, worry about his anxiety and uneasiness, and the pain and suffering of worrying about gains and losses.

On the road of life, if a person makes you feel this way, then congratulations, you have met someone you really love.

When you meet someone you really love, please cherish it and treat it with kindness. For the rest of my life, I met true love, and the world has stars and warmth since then.


About the author: Wen Qiusheng lives on words. The autumn wind boils the rain, a glass of sake, two or three stories, and I will be with you on the lonely road.