A new landmark for the future! Hohhot Fangte has confirmed the location

Leju Buy House News Hohhot Fangte has confirmed the site selection, the project is located near Yili Health Valley, Jinshan Thermal Power Plant The second phase is to the west, covering an area of ​​about 1750 mu.

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Previously, the president of Huaqiang Fantawild Group came to Hohhot to investigate and communicate cooperation matters. Fantawild said that in the future, it will focus on the characteristic tourism resources of Hohhot and speed up the planning of local-enterprise cooperation We will explore new paths for the integration of culture and tourism to achieve complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win results.

The implementation of the Fantawild theme park project will greatly enhance the city’s brand effect in tourism, and provide new opportunities for the city to build a regional modern consumption center, a leisure and vacation center, and a “tourist-friendly” city. opportunity. At the same time, it will also drive the development of related industries such as food, housing, tourism and shopping around Tuzuo Banner.

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