Paifusan plus mountain bean root powder has achieved good results in the treatment of blindness after brain tumor surgery

Chen had a brain tumor. After the head was cut open, it was found that there was an egg-sized tumor at the base of the brain and the optic nerve. It took half of it to be removed with great difficulty. Moreover, the optic nerve was damaged during the operation, and the visual acuity decreased after the operation.

Transferred to Chinese medicine for treatment, the patient is obese, with a red complexion, a strong pulse, and a strong abdomen.

Prescription: Guizhi Fuling pills + mountain bean root powder.

One month later, stop taking Guizhi Fuling Pill and use Paifu Powder instead.

Curative effect: After taking the medicine, the vision loss reversed, and the vision gradually recovered.

Paifu powder is composed of citrus aurantium, white peony root, and platycodon root. When used, adjust chicken yellow and take it with warm water. Citrus aurantium in the prescription can relieve qi stagnation and tension in the affected area, and can also soften the firmness and treat inflammation infiltration. Radix Paeoniae Alba, combined with Aurantium citrus, can relieve tension, disperse stagnation of blood, and relax tendons. Platycodon grandiflora, which is designed to drain pus or prevent suppuration. Chicken yellow is a product of yang qi gathering. It can promote the suppuration of inflammation infiltrated and not suppurated, or promote pus drainage, and it is good at absorbing.

Compatibility of the above medicines can relieve stagnation of qi and blood, promote pus and expel pus.