Don’t be angry, don’t blame anyone

Author: Insight Atao

The world is in a storm, the mind is cultivated with the sea god needle.

Ming Dynasty scholar Hong Yingming wrote a Zen poem:

Poke away In the dusty atmosphere of the world, there is no fire and ice competition in the chest.

The stinginess in my heart is dispelled, and there is always a moon in front of my eyes.

When we were young, we were restless, seeing that no one was going well, and no one was getting along well.

After years of ups and downs, I gradually cultivated a compassionate heart and became calm as water.

As the saying goes, if you are a true practitioner, you will never see the world.

When you reach a certain age, you will eventually be free from anger and blame.


Don’t get angry

The writer Mingyue said that people who are prone to anger are often vulnerable, because really good and powerful people are confident, and self-confidence will be gentle.

The word for “anger” is “slave heart”. When people are angry, their heart is enslaved.

Artest is one of the most promising basketball players.

But he was short-tempered when he was young, and during one game, a spectator threw a drinking bottle at him to provoke him.

Furious, he launched an indiscriminate attack on the auditorium, which eventually caused a big melee between the two teams and the fans.

Because the incident was too bad, Artest was suspended for 73 games, and his basketball career plummeted.

I like Su Dongpo’s words very much:

“You don’t get shocked when you suddenly come, and you don’t get angry when you add it for no reason. This is where the hostages are very big, and their ambitions are very far.”

Only those who can suppress their temper can control their own lives.

The fighting queen Zhang Weili was also violent when she was young. Sometimes when someone said something wrong, she would get angry.

Later, she entered the society and worked as a kindergarten teacher, hotel receptionist, supermarket cashier…

Taste life The hardships, the wind and the rain came, and the hostility in her body gradually subsided.

In 2020, Zhang Weili played against Polish player Joanna.

Before the game, Joanna provoked Zhang Weili in every possible way, and even pointed at Zhang Weili and said, “I will definitely blow you up!”

But Zhang Weili was unmoved, just smiled and looked at each other.

During the competition, Zhang Weili was also calm and steady, and finally successfully defeated the “five-time champion” Joanna and won the world’s top fighting competition UFC champion, becoming the first Asians who won the award.

Shakespeare said:

“Who can remain calm in consternation, Staying stable in the midst of rage, staying awake between rage, who is the hero.”

I am finding more and more that when I encounter a little offense, I am in a hurry. People who have to jump feet often lead a messy life.

A truly powerful person can hold back his emotions and stabilize his temper when faced with big things.

Because they have a vast ocean in their chests, small winds and small waves can’t make any waves in their lives.


< p>I don’t blame anyone

Lao Tzu said: The journey of the great road is not to blame on anyone.

A person with profound virtue, open-minded and generous, knows how to cultivate himself in tolerance

I have read a story.

Zhang Xun and Wang An are family friends and both make a living by running tea shops.

Zhang Xun’s tea shop has a booming business and a steady stream of customers, while Wang An’s tea shop is deserted.

One day, the government notified Zhang Xun of fraud, and came to seal up his tea shop and sent it to the frontier where he was exiled for three years.

Three years later, Zhang Xun was released and went home, only to learn that the fraud was all planted by Wang An.

Later, Wang An’s crimes were made public, and tea drinkers who had been deceived came to him to ask for explanations.

Wang An locked himself at home when he saw the incident, and soon died in depression.

Zhang Xun learned about this, worried that Wang An’s wife and children would not be taken care of, so he took him home.

The wife complained: “Why do you have to take care of his wife and children when he sent you into exile for three years?”

Zhang However, Xun said:

“To blame others for their faults is to hurt themselves. Only by not reading others’ faults can you live a free and easy life.”< /strong>

Forgiving others’ mistakes is magnanimity. It is compassion to appreciate the difficulty of others.

When Su Shi was an official in Hangzhou, there was a student named Wu Weiwei, who smuggled gauze to the capital in the name of Su Shi to evade taxes and was caught by tax collectors.

Under cross-examination, Su Shi found out that Wu’s taste was just because he didn’tThe cost of traveling to Beijing to catch the exam was a last resort.

After learning about the situation, Su Shi not only did not pursue it, but also sent him a travel fee to help him go to Beijing to take the exam.

As Yi Shu said, the sign of a person’s true maturity is to find that there are fewer and fewer people to blame. The reason is very simple, everyone has their own difficulties.

After reading the world, everything can be understood; through ups and downs, everything can be forgiven.


< p>Master Xuecheng, the presiding officer of Longquan Temple, when he first studied Buddhism with Master Yuanzhuo, like a handyman every day, he did some chores like serving tea, pouring water, and cleaning the latrine.

In the beginning, he was very unconvinced and often secretly angry.

After a period of time, he gradually calmed down and felt that “to do these things is to keep squatting and bending over, which is a convenient way to control arrogance and let go of yourself. .”

The prejudice and injustice in his heart slowly disappeared and became more and more peaceful.

One’s life is the tempering of world affairs, becoming more and more tolerant, and there are fewer and fewer people and things that people dislike.

As a person’s structure improves, the prejudice in his heart will be less;

Writer He Quanfeng said that whether it is criticism or attack, for a person with an open mind, his heart is like a big lake. It goes out quickly; you throw in a packet of salt and it gets diluted very quickly.

Walking in the world, it is inevitable to encounter people with different positions and three views, and things that are not satisfactory.

The tit-for-tat confrontation will only make it difficult for oneself.

Relax your heart and take things lightly. When there are less and less things you can’t get used to, people will become more and more mature.

Wang Yangming said: “The world is turbulent and the waves are turbulent, and the mind should cultivate the sea god needle.”

Life It is a process of meditation.

If the heart does not move, the years can be calm.

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