A few things about winter, share with fans and friends

Winter, It’s here, and no matter where you are, the turn of the seasons is more or less reflected in nature. So, a few things to remind friends in winter.

The first thing is to make ginger with vinegar. The specific method has been introduced in detail in previous articles, you can go back and look at it. What I need to remind everyone here is that you should eat 1-2 slices of ginger soaked in vinegar for breakfast, and you must soak less. It is enough to eat for 7 days at a time, and it is not easy to store too much.

The advantage of eating ginger is that after a night of sleep, the temperature of the body has not been fully raised, and a few slices of ginger soaked in vinegar can do it. Moreover, the morning is the time when Yang Qi grows, so don’t eat cold things.

The second thing is to make onions soaked in vinegar. Drinking a little wine in winter can promote blood circulation and keep warm. You must eat purple onions, and eat a little every day for a long time. The way I eat it is to soak the onion in soy sauce and vinegar, and put a few drops of sesame oil. If you made onions soaked in vinegar, you don’t have to eat them like this. The nutritional value of purple onions cannot be underestimated.

The third thing is to eat more dried shrimps, which are small shrimps. This kind of dried sea rice is the best for calcium supplementation. You can put a small amount in cooking every day, and you can eat it for a long time. Remind everyone to wash it when eating small dried shrimps.

The above things must be persisted for a long time.