5s physical pressing process reveals the “password” of healthy oil

A good oil needs to choose a good raw material High oleic peanut oleic acid is more healthy

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine , peanuts are flat in nature and sweet in taste, enter the spleen and lung meridians, can also wake up the spleen and stomach, moisten the lungs and reduce phlegm, it is a good choice for health food.

Modern nutrition has also found that peanuts contain a relatively high content of oleic acid. Oleic acid is a monounsaturated fatty acid. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations pointed out in a report that if a certain amount of oleic acid is used to replace excessive saturated fatty acids (such as fatty meat, lard, sheep oil, etc.) in the diet, it can help reduce total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol (“bad cholesterol”) levels while raising HDL cholesterol (“good cholesterol”) levels.

< p data-track="7">The beneficial ingredients rich in longevity fruit are one of the keys to choose

In addition to oleic acid, peanuts also contain [arginine] [protein] [niacin] [natural polyphenols] and other substances that are beneficial to health. “The title can be said to be worthy of the name. Peanut oil rich in “long fruit” beneficial ingredients can also be called a healthy edible oil.

Peanut oil has a rich aroma and is more resistant to high temperatures. It is very suitable for cooking and even frying. It is in line with Chinese cooking and eating habits. Therefore, peanut oil has become the most popular among domestic consumers. One of the edible oil types.

5S pressed peanut oil is safe, healthy and delicious

Then which peanut oil product can make people eat well and deliciously, What about eating healthier? Consumers can choose peanut oil products produced using 5S pure physical pressing process.

The 5S pure physical pressing process created by Luhua, where S is the abbreviation of section, 5S refers to the five core parts of the entire edible oil processing technology:< /p>

1. During the 5S pressing process, physical methods are used to completely remove aflatoxin in peanut oil, and the quality characteristics such as nutrition and flavor of peanut oil will not be changed;

2. Replace the commonly used chemical leaching process with pure physical pressing technology, effectively avoiding the pollution of peanut oil by high-temperature refining and chemical solvents;

3. Using the technology of producing fragrance and keeping fragrance, completely stimulating and retaining the fragrance substances in peanuts;

4. 5S pressing adopts anhydrous dephosphorization technology to filter out all While removing harmful substances, the nutrients of peanuts are preserved;

5. Constant temperature storage and VE fresh-keeping technology ensure that the natural nutrients in peanut oil do not deteriorate.

It can be seen that the Luhua peanut oil produced by the 5S pressing process is not only free from the pollution of aflatoxin and chemical solvents, but also retains the inherent nutrients in peanuts. While ensuring the nutrition and health of peanut oil, it effectively solves the problem of “fragrance and fragrance retention” in peanut oil production, and the produced peanut oil has a stronger fragrance. What’s more worth mentioning is that the 5S pressing process increases the storage time of peanut oil, even if it is stored for a long time, it doesn’t matter, and it is more beneficial to the health of consumers.

More importantly, the raw material of 5S pressed peanut oil comes from the high-quality Big peanuts, after layers of screening, are plump!

This fundamentally ensures that Luhua 5S pressed peanut oil is full of natural peanut fragrance, not only smells good, but tastes even better!

< p data-track="29">Since the birth of Luhua’s 5S pressing process, it has won the first prize for scientific and technological progress in Shandong Province; its core technology “the method of completely removing aflatoxin” and the 5S pressing process Two inventions based on the “Large Fragrance Sunflower Kernel Oil Technology” developed on the basis of the company won national invention patents. In particular, the acquisition of the “National Science and Technology Progress Award” has refreshed the “technical new high” of China’s edible oil industry for more than 20 years.

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The significance of the successful research and development of Luhua 5S pressing process is not only in this, but more importantly, it is improving the quality of life of Chinese consumers and creating a delicious life for consumers At the same time, it better protects the interests of farmers, increases the income of farmers, and makes a major contribution to the industrialization of peanuts in China and to solving the shortage of edible oil in China.