The whole body is full of treasures, nourishing the stomach to eliminate fullness, resolving phlegm and dispelling nodules, this way of eating has the best effect


Recently, it is the season when a large number of oranges are on the market, and many people’s fruit plates are full of them. Oranges not only taste good, but their nutritional and medicinal value should not be underestimated! Zhang Bing, a famous national doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and professor of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine told us that oranges are treasures all over the body, and some of them are in this season It can be used as a diet therapy to help everyone move qi and warm the stomach, relieve fullness, clear the chest and collaterals, reduce phlegm and loosen nodules!

Orange flesh has a high water content and a sweet and sour taste. Eating oranges often can have the effects of promoting body fluid and quenching thirst, relieving cough and moistening lungs, which is very suitable for consumption now.

In addition to orange meat, orange The tangerine network, orange leaves, orange core, orange peel are actually “treasures” for health preservation, which are called “Orange Four Medicines” in traditional Chinese medicine.

  • Orange peel: Fresh orange peel contains a lot of volatile oil, Can play the effect of soothing the liver and relieving depression.
  • Orange network: It is the white mesh silk network on the orange petals, with The effect of dredging collaterals, regulating qi and resolving phlegm.
  • Orange leaf: soothes the liver and relieves pain, commonly used in clinical breast tenderness , Treatment of uterine fibroids.
  • Tangerine core: Promoting qi, relieving pain and resolving stagnation.


A 65-year-old female patient was particularly afraid of cold stomach, even burping, Belching is like taking cold air, and I have diarrhea when I eat a little cold food. Experts judged that she was cold evil + qi block, which hurt the spleen and stomach in the middle burner, resulting in stagnation of stomach cold and qi. One of the “four orange medicines” was used in the treatment and daily conditioning.

The cases mentioned by the experts are not isolated cases. The weather is cold in winter, and cold evil is most likely to attack the stomach in the middle burner, and now every household has it Heating and air conditioning, staying at home is very warm, and sometimes I even feel too dry, so I open the refrigerator and drink a cold drink. The dishes are cold, and the stomach is extremely uncomfortable after eating. Some people simply don’t want to eat, just find some snacks to pad the meal and the meal is over.

It’s cold in nature, I don’t pay attention to my diet, plus I’m old< /span> The function of the spleen and stomach begins to decline. Therefore, the middle-aged and elderly people have a particularly high incidence of “stomach cold and Qi stagnation”.

01 Symptoms of Stomach Cold and Qi Stagnation

< p data-track="37">Abdominal running pain or bloating pain, epigastric distension, acid reflux, indigestion, loss of appetite, diarrhea; fatigue, chest tightness, pale complexion, coldness, and cold limbs.

02 The difference between stomach cold and Qi stagnation and other stomach pain

Stomach cold and Qi stagnation: Pain when walking or stretching, feeling of fullness, feeling warm and afraid of cold

Other stomach pains:Variety of pain (burning pain, acid regurgitation), multiple fixed parts, no obvious fear of cold

Take a look at the tongue again: Pale tongue with white and greasy coating indicates that there is a cold stomach.

03 Must-drink “stomach nourishing soup” in winter “

One ​​of the “four medicines for oranges” – orange peelIt can help everyone relieve the discomfort caused by stomach cold and qi stagnation. Experts use it to make “orange peel nourishing stomach soup” that can promote qi and warm the stomach for daily conditioning .

Orange peel nourishing stomach soup

Recipe: 3-5 grams of fresh orange peel (or 3 grams of tangerine peel), 2 small slices of ginger, 1 small piece of coriander

Usage: Decoction, after meals

Efficacy:Promoting qi and eliminating stagnation, warming and nourishing the stomach

orange peel——aroma regulating qi, harmonizing phlegm, can smooth chest and diaphragm qi, reduce phlegm, dispel cold and invigorate the spleen, and promote the transportation and transformation of the stomach;

Coriander——Xin Wen dispels cold and wakes up the spleen. In addition to dispelling the external cold, it can also warm the middle burner. Remember not to pinch the coriander root, coriander The roots also have medicinal effects;

Ginger——Ginger meat is warm and cold Harmonize the stomach, the skin of ginger is cold and diuretic, you can eat it with the skin to make the soup not easy to get angry.

Drinking this orange peel nourishing stomach soup in winter can help people with stomach cold and Qi stagnation who have a short course of disease to improve their symptoms. It is also suitable for people who are only afraid of cold symptoms. If the symptoms do not improve after drinking Orange Peel Yangwei Decoction for 3 to 5 days, it is recommended to seek medical treatment in time.

【Reminder】 Stomach Soup It is only suitable for people with cold syndrome. It is not recommended to use it when you have dry mouth, sore throat, yellow phlegm, stomach bleeding and other symptoms of fire.

Except stomach Cold qi stagnation, there is another part of middle-aged and elderly people who are prone to qi stagnation in winter, that is thorax and side Qi stagnation, It can also be used in the “Orange Four Medicines”—— Orange network resolved.

01 In these situations, it is suitable to use Tangerine

1. It is easy to catch a cold in winter, and the disease with cough and asthma symptoms is easy to aggravate and repeat

2. Long cough does not heal, phlegm turbidity blocks collaterals

3、 Chest and hypochondriac Qi stagnation: Chest tightness and shortness of breath, chest and hypochondriac bloatingUncomfortable

The above conditions are all suitable for conditioning with Tangerine , the expert recommended a cup of tea substitute made of orange.

02 Tangerine Rose Drink

Recipe: 1~2 grams of orange, 1~2 grams of rose

Efficacy: Thickening the chest collaterals, removing fullness, Pain Relief

OrangeIt is sweet and flat in nature, and its shape resembles the veins of the human body. Propaganda, phlegm turbidity and internal resistance cause cough, asthma and phlegm all have effects.

Rose and blood to relieve pain, drinking for young people can beautify the face, Drinking it for the elderly can dispel stasis, and it is good for dredging the lung, stomach, and liver meridians.


Chinese medicine believes that phlegm dampness gathers under the skin and condenses into nuclei over time, thus forming phlegm nucleus . The so-called lymphadenopathy, nodules, hyperplasia, polyps, and tumors all belong to the category of sputum nucleus. As for the precious oranges, if you can eat the whole body, it will help to eliminate the phlegm nucleus in the body.

How can I eat a whole orange? Professor Zhang Chunrong of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine specially recommended Full Orange Drink, which can be used by people with nodules, polyps, and fat people This therapeutic prescription is to help regulate phlegm-damp constitution.

Full Orange Drink

Methods< /span>: Take an orange with a core, rub the surface of the orange peel with fine salt, rinse it, put it in a cooking machine, crush it and squeeze the juice, add an appropriate amount of honey and warm water and mix thoroughly before drinking .