The “Four Measures” of Dawangzhai Town Convenience Service Center provide refined services

In recent years, the Dawangzhai Town Convenience Service Center has always adhered to the principle of “serving the masses is more important than the sky”, guided by streamlining, efficiency, and convenience for the people, optimizing the service environment, paying close attention to service quality, and innovating services mechanism, and strive to create a government service environment that the people are satisfied with.


1. Serving with a smile makes the service more warm

“The affairs of the masses are the most important thing”, the center takes “service with a smile” as the foundation, and puts Civilized language, polite treatment, and standardized service are the basic quality requirements of window personnel. Strengthen the art of communication at work, manage self-emotions efficiently, master communication skills with the masses, defuse the emotions of the masses skillfully, learn to listen and empathize, and be polite and polite. Say hello, take the initiative to ask, and send a voice when you go. At the same time, the center has established and improved the “good and bad evaluation” evaluation system, and placed the “good and bad evaluation” evaluation QR code of Shandong Province’s government services in a prominent position to rate and evaluate the service of the staff, truly making “smiling service” a close relationship The “heart-to-heart bridge” of the masses establishes a civilized image of the window industry, and continuously improves the level of government services and civilized image.

Second, optimize the environment and make the masses more comfortable

The center sets up services for veterans, civil affairs, disabled people’s federation, and social security 10 windows, including medical security, health care, judicial services, comprehensive management, comprehensive acceptance, and assistant handling, with 15 staff stationed, covering 105 service items. The service center has established rules and regulations such as staff behavior norms, first-inquiry responsibility system, time-limited settlement system, and one-time notification, and promptly publishes handling guidelines, handling procedures, etc., to ensure that incoming documents are handled, visitors are answered, and everything is answered, Every piece has been settled, and the government service work has been promoted to develop in the direction of institutionalization and standardization. In addition, the hall has a self-service area, an online service area, and is equipped with public service facilities such as computers and printers. It fully implements a center for external access, integrated office, and one-stop processing, creating a high-quality service environment for the masses to handle affairs, and improving the public’s confidence. Work experience.

Third, do it once, let the masses worry more

In order to let the masses run less errands, truly realize the “one-time operation” Good”, the Dawangzhai Town Convenience Service Center insists on one-window handling, one-time notification, and assistant handling. Set up a comprehensive acceptance window to realize “one-window handling” of related matters of different departments, and change “one matter, one process” into “many things, one process”, to minimize unnecessary repetitive behaviors; Know the handling process in advance by means of phone number, phone call, etc., and bring all the required materials and certificates at one time; promote active service, considerate service, set up an assistant agency window, and the town government and the convenience service stations in each village have assistant agents. Promote free assistant agency services.

Fourth, innovative services to make the masses more caring

In order to maximize the convenience of residents in the town to handle related businesses and open up the “last mile” of serving the masses, the service center also launched Special services such as door-to-door service, online service, extended service, and reservation on rest days. For special groups with limited mobility, the staff of the Disabled Persons’ Federation will perform household certification and identification of disabilities, so that people do not have to go out and run errands; for long-term migrant workers 1. For the elderly who live with their children in other places, the Human Resources and Social Security Office will send operating instructions to their children through WeChat in a timely manner, and provide guidance through the air to ensure that the personnel who certify the qualifications of resident pension insurance benefits can be certified in a timely manner, so that the data can run more errands and the masses less errands; for special reasons People or enterprises who are unable to come to handle affairs during normal working hours can make an appointment by phone in advance, and arrange the handling during the break time according to the actual situation.