The world’s largest excavator, the “King of Excavators”, leveled a mountain in one day, up to 32 floors

When it comes to excavators, everyone must be familiar with them, but can you imagine an excavator that is hundreds of meters long and can open mountains and rivers in a day? This is the Bagger293 known as the “King of Excavators”. So what is the story behind this excavator? How good is it?

As early as the 15th century, the prototype of the excavator had appeared It is the Italian “silt dredger”. However, due to power reasons, the function of this “excavator” was very limited. It was not until the appearance of steam excavators in the 1830s that their efficiency was greatly improved. However, the excavators of this period can only be regarded as “small troubles”.

The trump card “Bagger series” of excavators was not produced by Germany Krupp until 1962 and other The two companies collaborated on the launch. Especially the bagger 288 broke people’s traditional concept of excavators once it came out, and got the record of the world’s largest excavator. Later, the bagger 293 replaced it and became the new king of excavators, and the record has been maintained to this day.

After understanding bagger293’s “past life and present life”, let’s take a detailed look at the details of this excavator Various parameters.

It is said that the height of this excavator is 96 meters, which is approximately equivalent to a 32-story building, and the height exceeds the Statue of Liberty in the United States. Its total length is 240 meters, which is about 15 meters longer than the older generation bagger288. The total length is equivalent to 20 trucks, or 2.5 football fields.

With these data alone, you may not realize how magnificent this excavator is, but if you compare people or vehicles next to it, the situation will be different. clear.

In terms of the chassis, the total width of the chassis of this excavator is 49 meters , mainly composed of 12 tracks, each track is about 3.8 meters wide. That is to say, two people can barely touch the left and right ends of a track by stretching their arms and holding hands, and several people can even stand in the gap between the track and the track.

In addition to the chassis, the most eye-catching thing on this excavator is the huge bucket wheel. According to the data, the bagger293 bucket wheel has a diameter of 21.6 meters and 20 buckets are installed on it, and each bucket can hold 8.6 cubic meters of earth and rock. If the power is fully turned on, this excavator can dig 300,000 cubic meters of earth and rocks a day, which shows that “opening mountains and rivers” is not a lie.


For such a huge excavator, its power is naturally amazing. It is said that this excavator is equipped with three 1680-kilowatt motors, with a total power of more than 5 kilowatts, which is equivalent to hundreds of large tractors. No wonder there was news that an 80-ton bulldozer was accidentally stuffed into the wheel bearings, and it was easily lifted up to a height of 20 meters.

On the other hand, the motor used in the previous bagger 288 has less than half the power of the bagger 293, which also shows the strength of the “King of Excavators”.

Of course, huge size and powerful power often mean heavy quality, and this excavator is no exception, with a mass of more than 14,000 tons. Fortunately, its track is wide enough and has a large contact area with the ground, so the pressure on the ground is very small, and it can be driven on various terrains such as grass, dirt, and gravel roads.

The only fly in the ointment may be that the driving speed is relatively slow , can only travel about 600 meters per hour. However, this is a common problem of large excavators, and excavators like the bagger 293 have relatively little demand for movement, so it is not a problem.

Thousands of years ago, people regarded moving mountains as a dream; thousands of years later, equipment such as excavators and shield machines have made this vision a reality. Therefore, we can’t help but feel embarrassed, and it really is “the size of the heart is the size of the world”.

In addition, many people may wonder why the German Krupp company is so good, Able to build the ace in the excavator industry. However, after understanding the history of Krupp, we will find that making excavators is really nothing to this company, after all, it can even make cannons.

As a family business that started with steel, Krupp made a fortune during the war from making weapons. The most typical example isGustav Heavy Cannon, which has a range of more than 32 kilometers and attacks It can easily penetrate two or three meters thick reinforced concrete walls within the range. Therefore, Krupp had no shortage of orders during the war. It was not until Germany was defeated that Krupp was sanctioned and turned to other fields.

In addition to the bagger excavator series we mentioned above, Krud Bo also participated in the research and development of submarines capable of diving to the Mariana Trench, radio telescopes with a diameter of 100 meters, etc., which can be said to have contributed a lot.

Currently, this company has already entered China, and everyone is more familiar with the elevator. However, if it is truly world-renowned, it must be the “bagger series excavator”, which is powerful and expensive.

A bagger288 once exposed hundreds of millions of prices, including inflation Converted with the exchange rate, a bagger293 may cost nearly 10 billion RMB. With such a worth, it is worthy of the title of “King of Excavators”.

In this regard, we sincerely hope that China can also have such a powerful excavator product, just like the shield machine, it will definitely help our country’s infrastructure construction to a higher level .