5 things that women can’t do when they are menstruating, but there are some “taboos” that can actually be done

“Is it true that you can’t wash your hair and take a shower when you come to auntie?”

“Come Does drinking coffee when you are an aunt really cause stomach pain?”

“When menstruation comes, will dysmenorrhea and brown sugar water really not hurt? “

“I heard that menstruation is coming, the body is weak, it is best not to move, is it true or not?”

Menstruation is one of the special signs of a woman’s body. It has followed women since they were teenagers. Although they come to the door on time every month, they spend intimately with women Several times, it affects women’s lives, but women still have many problems with this “aunt” who visits every month, and even don’t know how to entertain them well, so as not to make the aunt angry and bring discomfort to the body.

Aunt Here I am, I don’t want my aunt to be angry, these 5 things must never be done

①: Major and minor surgery< /p>

When a woman comes to menstruation, in order to let the endometrium shed from the uterus be better discharged and cleaned, the blood coagulation function of the female body will be appropriately weakened at this time . Therefore, if surgery is performed during this time period, the body’s bleeding and coagulation function will be poor, which may lead to continuous blood flow and cause life-threatening. In addition, during this period of time, women’s bodies are relatively weak due to the loss of qi and blood, so they can’t suffer any harm, even tooth extraction and earrings.

②: Drink

The enzymes that decompose alcohol in women’s bodies during menstruation will not be too active, so when women drink while the enzymes are “resting”, alcohol will stay in the body for a long time, allowing alcohol to The damage to the body is longer, and it is easy to get drunk, and the drunk time is longer, and the liver will be damaged more, seriously span>Alcoholism. Alcohol increases circulation, so menstrual flow increases.

③: Intercourse

From a physiological point of view, intercourse during menstruation is unhygienic. At this time, women’s body resistance decreases, which may cause unnecessary infections. Because of abnormal hormones during menstruation, women’s emotions will be in an unstable state, such as irritability, anger, insomnia, etc., and intercourse at this time is not suitable. But if your girlfriend doesn’t recommend it, and you don’t mind the smell of blood, it’s okay to do a good job of cleaning. Attention! Even if you do not take contraceptive measures during menstruation, there is a possibility of pregnancy.

④: Don’t sing

Women are in a bad mood during menstruation, and they will want to sing with the help of their little sisters. In fact, at this time, the body’s gonadal hormones If the secretion is abnormal, if you sing, it will cause the secretion of the vocal cords to increase, congestion and edema, and the rupture of capillaries will cause hoarseness, which will cause permanent damage to the vocal cords. So no matter how you feel or what happens during this time, don’t just go straight to ktv to avoid becoming a male voice.

⑤: Don’t hammer your waist

Because of the arrival of menstruation, the uterus will continue to contract to help the body expel menstrual blood, so the waist will feel sore. But at this time, the uterus is in a congested state. If you hammer the hammer blindly, it will makecongestive symptoms worse, and the feeling of back pain will become more and more obviousIt will also slow down the recovery time of the endometrium after menstruation.It means that it will causeThe time of menstruation is prolonged, it is really a “blood loss”.

Women must not do the above 5 things during menstruation, and be considerate of their weak body. But there are some things that women have always been confused about, whether they can do it or not.

My aunt is here, can I do these things?

Can I wash my hair and take a bath?——Yes, but if you take a bath, try to take a shower. If you take a bath, the water will not circulate, and at the same time It will make the body susceptible to infection, and most importantly, it smells like blood. Showering can make the blood stains on the body cleaner, that is, whether you wash your hair or take a bath, you must pay attention to keeping warm. Do not go outside to blow air immediately after washing, or you will easily catch cold and catch a cold.

You can drink Coffee?——Coffee also contains some nutrients, which can supplement the body’s nutrition. In addition, it can also promote blood circulation, which is conducive to the discharge of menstrual blood. Caffeine can also relieve the discomfort of the body during menstruation . However, women who are not uncomfortable during menstruation should drink less, because caffeine has the effect of stimulating nerves and will affect sleep during menstruation. Coffee should be hot coffee.

Drinking brown sugar water for dysmenorrhea?——There are two kinds of dysmenorrhea,< span> If the menstrual blood cannot be discharged smoothly due to cold and fatigue, it is functional dysmenorrhea. If the dysmenorrhea caused by uterine inflammation and pelvic inflammation is secondary dysmenorrhea. The effect of brown sugar water is to dispel cold and warm the body, and benefit the air and meridians, so it is useful for the relief of functional dysmenorrhea. However, it is not recommended for women with hot bodies and hot bodies to drink, as it will cause excessive menstrual blood flow. For secondary dysmenorrhea, it is still necessary to use drugs and other treatments to relieve it after a doctor’s diagnosis.

Is it better to move less during menstruation?——It depends on the degree activities. If you do gentle yoga, Tai Chi, walking, etc., it will help the discharge of menstrual blood and improve immunity. However, high-intensity sports such as high jumps and running sprints should be avoided, as they will lead to prolonged menstruation, heavy menstruation, and disorder.

During menstruation, what should I eat to nourish my body?

The body will lose blood during menstruation, which will cause the body to lose some nutrients such as calcium, protein, potassium, etc., at this time Eat some blood-enriching and nutritious foods, such asred beans, red dates, eggs, dairy products, meat, etc.. If you have a bad appetite, eat appetizers, noodles, jujube, etc. If you are cold, you can eat brown sugar water red dates, ginger, and brown sugar. To relieve dysmenorrhea, eat Carrots, grapes, kelp, black fungus, etc., to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis.

In short, the female body during menstruation is very If you are weak, you must know what you can do and what you cannot do, and eat well and sleep well to stay healthy.