Does exercise speed up aging? Promote tumor spread? What is the difference between the body of a person who exercises and a person who does not exercise?

Many people believe that exercising is good for the body, and they are doing it. However, in recent years, news of accidents or even loss of life due to sports is not uncommon, such as sudden death during running, which made some people change their previous thoughts.

Some people have heard that exercising can speed up the aging process? Can it even promote the spread of cancer cells? Are these claims true? Is exercise good or bad? What is the difference between the body of a person who exercises regularly and a person who does not exercise? I will talk to you today, so you might as well take a look at it early.

Does exercise accelerate aging?

It is indeed possible, but with a premise,Wrong exercise will accelerate aging. Not only that, but also increase the risk of some diseases.

The wrong exercise here can refer to two points, one is the method, and the choice is not suitable for you.

To give a simple example: running is known to everyone, for novices, if< span>Run a lot as soon as I come up, and do not do any warm-up,This way It is wrong, and it is easy to bring harm instead of benefit.

Some people are not suitable, but they insist on running, yes Unhealthy joints can easily increase the chance of injury.

If you run a lot, run for a long time, and exercise too intensively, it will increase the cortisol content in the body, affect normal blood sugar, and affect To skin health, accelerate aging.

Although some people insist on exercising,ignore a reasonable diet,I have entered a misunderstanding in my diet, such asnot eating meat. In the long run, it is easy to lack protein, and it will also accelerate aging. If the diet is unreasonable, even if there is exercise, the weight loss effect will not be ideal.

So, wrong and improper exercise will accelerate people’s aging. I don’t want to backfire, I hope everyone will exercise correctly and moderately, avoid misunderstandings, and don’t rush for success, but step by step.

Especially for the elderly, more attention should be paid to this aspect. In addition to doing what you can according to your physical condition and choosing a project that suits you, you must also pay attention to proceeding under the premise of safety.

Insisting on correct and moderate exercise can help delay aging and reduce the risk of some diseases. Not only will it benefit the body, but it will also benefit the mind and spirit. Persevering in exercising can promote the secretion of endocrine peptides and regulate people’s emotions.

Will it promote the spread of cancer cells?

Exercise will promote the spread or metastasis of cancer cells,not reliable .

On the contrary, many studies have confirmed that persistent exercise is beneficial to reduce the risk of cancer, such as the research in the journal “Cancer Research” Findings:

High-intensity aerobic exercise can reduce the risk of tumor metastasis by 72%.

In addition, exercise is also good for those who are unlucky. It can improve the quality of life of patients and improve their physical fitness, and it can also help relieve anxiety and fatigue, which is beneficial to treatment.

Compared with exercise, the habits that actually accelerate aging are these:Staying up late every day, addicted to sugar , Eating too much high-oil and high-fat food, sedentary, etc. Remind everyone, if you have suggestions, change them as soon as possible.

In order not to spread the tumor, early detection and early treatment are crucial. In addition, patients should also adjust their mentality, maintain a good mood, live a healthy life, and enhance their physical fitness.

From the above, we can know that exercise is good for your health, so what is the difference between those who exercise regularly and those who do not?

People who do not exercise will easily gain weight in the long run. And obesity It is linked to many diseases, such as three highs, and they have not been controlled for a long time, which may affect life expectancy and reduce the quality of life.< /span>

People who have not exercised for a long time may wish to calculate their BMI. If they are under 60 years old and their BMI exceeds 24, it is recommended to lose weight moderately , Slowly reduce the weight to a reasonable range.

People who insist on exercising can reap different benefits for different people.

People who insist on practicing levator ani exercise, the probability of constipation and long hemorrhoids It will descend, which is good for perianal health and enhances the function of sphincter.

Swimming,It is good for weight loss, and it is also good for improving the ventilation function of the lungs, helping the health of the respiratory tract, strengthening the heart, and good for cardiovascular health.

For office workers who usually sit for a long time every day, those who like to exercise after get off work, such as going to the community park Running is also good for relieving muscle fatigue and improving blood circulation.

For older people, such aswalking, tiptoe is a more suitable exercise. The intensity is not large, and adhering to reasonable exercise is conducive to prolonging life and reducing the risk of disease.

Even if you have a chronic disease, it doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. If you pay attention to science and moderation in the correct way, it will be beneficial. The same is true for cancer patients. Scientific exercise can enhance physical fitness and better fight against tumors.

Of course there are similarities, for example, it can release stress, slow down muscle loss, and strengthen bones . In addition, their temperament will also be qualitatively improved, and the whole person will be more energetic.

In a word, life lies in movement, this sentence makes sense , The reason why some people’s health is damaged in this process is mostly related to the wrong way of exercise, not because the exercise itself is harmful. However, the wrong exercise method will indeed accelerate aging, so pay attention to avoid it. Warm up before exercising and stretch after the end. If you feel uncomfortable during the process, don’t force yourself, rest in time, don’t take it seriously, and seek medical treatment in time if necessary. Adhering to correct, scientific and reasonable exercise can benefit a lot compared with people who do not exercise. People who rarely exercise may wish to try it. In the future, you will definitely thank you for your hard work now.