Shandong issued the first cross-regional mutual recognition inspection report, which is common to many hospitals

Dazhong Newspaper Dazhong Daily reporter Xu Chen Li Hongcui Li Li

Shandong will break the cross-regional restrictions on inspection and testing results of medical institutions and achieve cross-regional mutual recognition. This afternoon, our province’s first cross-regional online mutual recognition inspection report was issued: the blood routine inspection report issued by Chengwu County People’s Hospital was accessed online at the outpatient physician workstation of Qianfoshan Hospital in Shandong Province as a receipt The reference basis for the diagnosis of the clinician, this report can also be consulted in the Second People’s Hospital of Shandong Province.

“This really hits the pain point in the process of seeing a doctor and solves a big problem for the common people!” Ms. Li, a citizen of Jinan, gave a thumbs up and praised it.

At present, relying on the provincial national health information platform and the provincial convenience and benefit service platform, Shandong is conducting a pilot program of online sharing and mutual recognition of inspection and test results in some areas. Among them, 15 medical institutions in the county medical community of Chengwu County have realized sharing and mutual recognition, and are interconnected with higher-level medical institutions such as Heze Municipal Hospital, the Second People’s Hospital of Shandong Province, and Qianfoshan Hospital of Shandong Province; “Scenario application, 21 public hospitals above the second level are connected to the system to carry out mutual recognition of inspection and test results.

“After the previous information system transformation, the hospital has launched a mutual recognition program for inspection and test results on the workstation of outpatient physicians. The inspection and test results of the interconnected hospital.” Dong Hui, deputy director of the Information Network Center of the Second People’s Hospital of Shandong Province, introduced.

The reporter noticed that the words “Quality Evaluation, Shandong HR” were marked on the upper right corner of the inspection report. This is a unified national mutual recognition mark. Since the beginning of this year, the Provincial Health and Health Commission has promoted digital transformation and innovation to benefit the people and facilitate the people, and accelerated the interconnection of inspection and inspection data and the mutual recognition and sharing of results. In order to solve the problems of inconsistent standards, out-of-sync quality, and unsuitable mechanisms in the process of mutual recognition of inspection and test results, the Provincial Health Commission and the Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau jointly formulated the “Shandong Provincial Medical Institutions’ Implementation Plan for Mutual Recognition and Sharing of Inspection and Test Results”.

According to reports, the list of the first batch of mutual recognition items of clinical test results in our province includes 77 test items in 12 professional categories. A total of 992 medical institutions in the province have passed the external quality evaluation and will be included in the mutual recognition of medical Institutional scope.

“Doctors can also choose not to cite the results of existing examinations and re-order examinations for patients, but they need to give reasonable reasons.” Wei Ren, director of the Information Center of Qianfoshan Hospital in Shandong Province, said.

“Health administrative departments at all levels will make full use of information technology to monitor the mutual recognition of inspection and test results in medical institutions, conduct regular evaluations, and gradually realize automatic discovery, reminders and interventions for unreasonable inspections ” Said the responsible comrade of the Provincial Health and Health Commission.

According to the plan, before the end of 2023, each city will complete the construction of an information support platform for mutual recognition and sharing of regional inspection and inspection results.

(Dazhong Newspaper, Dazhong Daily)