Dr. Liu Yi said that the clearer the CT of lung cancer (4870), the more lung nodules can be seen

The number of lung nodules is different for each person, most people have one, and a small number of people There are more than one. Each lung nodule must be carefully analyzed, because they may not be of the same nature. The number of pulmonary nodules may be related to the clarity of the CT scan. Do you know this?

There is a young lady who had a chest CT review in our hospital recently. A few months later, a chest CT was taken in another hospital, and a nodule was found in the lung. After several months, she wanted to have a reexamination in our hospital to see the changes of the nodule. After the re-examination film and report came out, she contacted me to see the results. I think the nodules can be observed again. One is a little bigger, and the other nodules are very small. She said that there were no multiple nodules before, so how come there are multiple nodules this time?

Did a lot of nodules grow out in the past few months? Actually not, the main reason is that the CT in our hospital is too clear, some small nodules can be seen, and the radiologist will report it when they see it, but some nodules of two or three millimeters are not only scary, It doesn’t have much clinical significance. Don’t get nervous when you see multiple nodules in the report.