4 injections a day, too painful, how to solve

[4 injections a day, too painful, how to solve it] 80-year-old man, diabetic nephropathy, chronic renal failure, diabetic retinopathy, diabetic foot has amputated 4 toes, this Once was hospitalized due to hypoglycemia, and the blood sugar was 2.7mmol/L when he came to the hospital.

The elderly are treated with insulin, but the eyes of the elderly are not good, and the hands are trembling. Whether it is to install a needle, adjust the dose or inject, it is very laborious, so 4 times a day of insulin is very troublesome.

The key is that the old man’s memory is not good, and he often forgets whether he has been injected or not. It is estimated that the hypoglycemia this time may be due to the repeated injection of insulin by the old man.

Hypoglycemia is a common side effect of insulin and can be very damaging to the brain. The elderly and patients with chronic renal failure are more prone to hypoglycemia after taking insulin, so these two types of people should use insulin with caution.

The old man’s son is also troubled by the old man’s daily injections. I told him, why not use the weekly pills? When his son heard this, he asked if there was such a good thing?

In fact, the guidelines have clearly recommended 2 years ago that if type 2 diabetes requires injection, peptide hypoglycemic drugs should be preferred instead of insulin. Clear cardiovascular protective effect, can replace insulin in most cases.

I suggest that he stop insulin and switch to dulaglutide or semaglutide, both of which are weekly preparations, one injection per week, no hypoglycemia side effect. Especially dulaglutide, no need to install needles, no need to adjust the scale, stick to the body and press the button to inject automatically, the elderly with dizziness and trembling hands have no obstacles to use. And the cost for a week is about the same as the cost of insulin for a week.

Advances in medical technology not only provide better medicines, but also provide more convenience to patients.

The Double Ninth Festival is coming, please give more care to the elderly.