Health care for the elderly: 5 most common mistakes! The last one must not be committed!

As we get older, we take our lives more seriously and pay more attention to health care!

But the following 5 health care mistakes should not be made, especially the last one:

1. Supplementing vitamins indiscriminately

Many elderly people see various advertisements promoting vitamins, or see various popular sciences about so-called vitamins, such as: eating vitamins can improve immunity and prevent colds; eating vitamin A can solve dry skin Scaling, dry eyes; numb hands and feet, choose vitamin B1; angular stomatitis, oral ulcers, vitamin B2; chapped lips, vitamin B6…

In fact, vitamin C does not improve the so-called immunity, nor does it prevent colds!

The “Guidelines for Healthy Lifestyles in China to Prevent Diseases” tells us that most people do not need special vitamin supplements, but rely on food diversification to supplement vitamins and minerals, rather than dietary supplements. Unless you usually have insufficient variety of food, picky eaters, or a clear lack of vitamins, you need additional supplements.

So the elderly should not take vitamins indiscriminately! Even if you take vitamin supplements, you have to listen to professionals, not vitamin sellers!

2. Eat health products indiscriminately

Now there are all kinds of Chinese-style and Western-style health products flying all over the sky, especially their publicity, which is even more outrageous: I feel that if you don’t eat this health product, you will miss 5 million, and if you eat this health product, you will lose 5 million. It can prevent all diseases, prevent all poisons from invading, and live forever.

In fact, health products are food, and it is not so evil; if you have money at home and you want to eat, you can eat it, at least there is no harm. But do remember that these so-called health products do not have as many effects as advertised. You can treat them as delicious, and don’t expect them to be ginseng fruit, pan peach, elixir, and Tang monk meat.

3. Eat health products indiscriminately

Most of the so-called health care products are not recommended by the guidelines, that is, the efficacy described by most health care products is controversial, and sometimes it is even a fool.

Don’t listen to the propaganda, just eat it. If you need health care products, you must choose the ones recommended by the guide, and have professional guidance, and the most important thing is what your body needs. Instead of listening to the propaganda, buying and eating randomly.

4. Listening to health care classes indiscriminately

Most ordinary people have difficulty distinguishing who is right and who is wrong. Even many elderly people think that what is on the phone is right.

Here is a description: In the age of self-media, anyone can speak, send text, and send videos online. There are both right and wrong, and even wrong is more easily accepted by the common people. Because the liar is not for popular science, but for traffic. Loyal words are hard to hear, so the road to popular science is really a long way to go!

We should try our best to choose a certified and regular professional doctor. That is to say, his main course is to talk about his related majors, not to know everything and teach everything.

If a person knows all kinds of emergency medicine knowledge, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, gynecology and pediatrics, and even otolaryngology, orthopaedics, he will be able to meet such a doctor when you go to the hospital ?

Such a doctor does not exist in reality. Since it does not exist in reality, why does it exist online? Just think for yourself.

What is the difference between a person who knows everything and knows nothing? That means you don’t know anything!

5. Take medicine indiscriminately

If it is acceptable to say that the first four are indiscriminate, then taking medicine indiscriminately is absolutely unacceptable.

Whether it is traditional Chinese medicine or Western medicine, there are theoretical indications and side effects. Therefore, whether to eat or not must have been consulted by a professional doctor. You must not say that you feel uncomfortable. It is the same as the symptoms of Uncle Wang next door. When Uncle Wang has taken a certain elixir, he will take this medicine by himself.

If you take the wrong health products, health products, and vitamins, you will waste some money at most, but if you take the wrong medicine, it is a major matter of human life.

So any medicine must have professional guidance!

Today’s Double Ninth Festival, I wish all the elderly friends, good health and happy every day!