How many cars are smashed by a leaf in Guangdong

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Those who have been smashed by leaves in Guangdong have the opportunity to fully appreciate the power of nature.

Everyone will be sure after their own experience that it is not that the leaves are falling, but that the beams of the heaven are collapsing.

A martial arts master who has been through many battles will feel a little intimidated when faced with this leaf.

It’s tough, majestic, breakthrough, and lethal. Whether it’s speed or strength, it’s much more ruthless than a brick.

It is rumored that once the leaves start to loosen, there is nothing to stop it from falling, and the effect is similar to that of a meteorite.

It’s hard to say whether straw can crush a camel, but the leaves here certainly can.

Don’t talk about camels, Transformers have to report to the Lord of Hell when they suffer like this.

The donkeys on the production team weren’t so strong

In Guangdong, every car can be smashed by a leaf, which can be used as a cannonball when loaded.

If this leaf is used during the Dragon Boat Festival, one piece can wrap the whole village with zongzi.

Unlike other leaves, it likes to write its power on the outside, and it is written with sincerity, but the first time people encounter such a situation, it is still very easy Intimidated by its aura.

You don’t have to wait for it to fall, just feel the wind pressure when it passes, and anyone can re-understand what it means to be lush.

In the past, Princess Iron Fan also had one, and it was called a banana fan at that time.

Last year, at the entrance of Chancheng Hospital of Foshan First People’s Hospital, an elder brother was knocked unconscious by leaves

“When I went to Guangdong to play by car, I asked my employer for leave and went back a few days later. My car was smashed by leaves and a big hole was left, and no one believed it at all.”

“I took pictures and sent them over and they said it was a bomb dropped by a plane.”

One ​​flower, one world, one leaf, one hit.

The creatures in the city are usually unable to withstand such an impact. They say that a leaf can blind the eyes, but a leaf here, falling on a person’s head, is a mountain.

If it accidentally falls vertically, it’s basically in the category of air strikes, and the car that can withstand it must at least be an armored car.

The elder brother of the car owner said that when he got out of the car to buy something, he heard a loud noise within five minutes. Fortunately, he was not in the car

Different natural environments will always bring different styles. Students from other places can often find the local superior economic level from the roadside, and the leaves are so rich.

Some people say that when he was not wearing glasses, he mistakenly thought that a prehistoric giant python fell from the world. When he got closer, he found that it was a dry leaf. Since then, he has deeply understood some objectively existing regional difference.

Life here may be moisturizing for any creature, the size of a cockroach, a mosquito, a mouse, and even a leaf.

According to local friends, many people have spread this leaf on the ground in the wild, which can be used directly as a bed.

“When I was a child, I used it as a trailer, pulling other children to play with, and putting it on the dirt slope as a slide. It was very fun.”

“But when I grew up I realized that everything has two sides. For example, if you wake up in the morning and find that you need to spend eight hundred dollars on a car repair, it is not so fun.”

He said that if he sees a reminder to “be careful of falling leaves” when traveling locally, stop laughing and leave the place immediately.

After all, it is difficult for friends who have not entered this context to understand. “Beware of falling leaves” can become a more severe warning than “Beware of falling rocks”, and the condensed stories are all in a few words.

“We have it in our community. At first I wondered why there was a sign of ‘Beware of falling leaves’, until one day at noon I saw a leaf that was bigger than a person falling, A car’s front windshield smashed.”

“That movement was really frightening, I still remember it to this day, thinking someone jumped off the building.”

“It’s a mace when rolled up, a machete when unfolded, and I once saw it first break a small tree with the thickness of an arm, and then cut a car’s rearview mirror. Cut it off.”

“Similar to turning oneself from a plant into a weapon, there is a hidden murder in the vibrant green, as long as the angle is right, there is nothing it can’t smash.”

According to public information, this tree is a palm tree, which can grow to more than 20 meters. It is called the king palm, also known as the king coconut tree. , is often used as an ornamental plant in tropical and subtropical regions.

Not only in Guangdong, but also in Guangdong and Guangxi, Yunnan, Fujian, Taiwan, Hainan and other places in my country. It was introduced as a street tree in the past.

Because of its large roots and thin middle and thick roots, it is nicknamed the missile tree in all corners of the world.

Because it only grows upwards and has no extra forks, it is difficult to be blown down by a typhoon, but it will not grow coconuts

The physique is very worthy of this nickname. Not to mention the trunk, the petiole alone is more than one meter long, and the leaves are more than two meters long. ten meters high.

Although it doesn’t fall easily, the leaves will naturally renew on a regular basis every year, and may be blown off by strong winds.

Simply put, it’s more terrifying to drop a leaf than a bucket of water from the sixth floor


Therefore, some people have always regarded it as a missile launcher hidden in the city. The launch frequency is random, the target of the attack is unknown, and the degree of damage is entirely by God’s will.

No one knows how many people and cars have been attacked by it, but you can find the frequency of its crimes in a lot of news, which is basically once a year.

Someone said their car had been smashed three times in two years, not in the same place.

According to media reports, there was once a leaf that smashed people’s lives. It was four or five meters long and weighed sixty-two kilograms. It fell from a height of more than ten meters. It was a massacre in the absolute sense. device.

And in Guangzhou last month, another passerby was smashed.

A netizen revealed that people were often smashed in their community, some people had broken bones, and some car windows were smashed, and they were worried when it came to a typhoon.

Even sometimes it has nothing to do with whether the typhoon blows or not, it mainly depends on the will of God.

Very dangerous

Nowadays, people are aware of the dangers of falling leaves, and many cities regularly tie up the petioles while cleaning up the leftovers to prevent unforeseen circumstances.

“Our community is full of this kind of trees. I don’t know how many cars have been smashed over the past ten years. Later, a Rolls-Royce from outside was smashed before it was cut down.”

“For safety reasons, Dawang coconuts are often chopped into poles now.”

“It is said that it is too tall to be trimmed by ordinary ladders, so you have to use a cloud ladder. When a typhoon blows, you are most afraid of being fanned to death by this kind of leaf”< /p>

In fact, the king coconut is not native to my country, but after a long period of planting, it has been integrated into the local life.

In a way, it is already part of the local context and creates some survival laws.

A friend from Guangdong told me that he never used his mobile phone when crossing the road. As long as he walked under a tree, he wanted to grow four eyes, two on top of his head.

“It was only later that I realized how ignorant and how lucky I was when I liked to wander under the king’s coconut.”


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