Cutting the double eyelids is like “changing the head”? Look at the double eyelids of these celebrities, they are all in place

As the saying goes, the eyes are the windows to the soul. A pair of big eyes can attract people more and leave a good first impression. The premise of big eyes is generally double eyelids. Some single eyelids do look good with facial features, but they are only a minority. This is why many celebrities choose to cut their double eyelids in order to maintain their photogenic beauty. After all, the plasticity of single eyelid is not strong.

They shaped the natural beauty of the person, and after finishing the double eyelids, there are basically no traces, which is very natural. For example, the well-known Chinese new-generation actress Zhou Dongyu. He is more representative. From the love of the hawthorn tree back then to today, his eyelids have indeed changed.

According to the analysis, Zhou Dongyu did double eyelid embedding. This method has no incision marks and is very light . It looks more natural. Not as exaggerated as full cut.

Compared with the previous photo, Zhou Dongyu’s eyes are a whole circle bigger, very recognizable and piercing. Moreover, his eyes are slender, so after cutting the double eyelids, the three-dimensional effect of the upper half of the face is further enlarged. Completely icing on the cake.

Zhou Dongyu did not pursue The particularly wide European-style double eyelids and petite face are not suitable for European and American styles, so with a little modification and adjustment, the eye distance can enlarge the eyes very well. It is not difficult to see that Zhou Dongyu’s American business is still online. Random adjustments are also made to retain the characteristics as much as possible.

The familiar male singer Joker Xue He also had his eyelids cut. He is very handsome and very humorous. Back then, Xue Zhiqian belonged to inner double eyelids who couldn’t see clearly, but after the double eyelids were cut, he looked more natural. In addition, he has a good understanding of medical aesthetics, and he also received face-lifting injections, looking handsome and exquisite.

Changed by simple fine-tuning The shape of the double eyelids is very good to be honest. The single eyelid becomes double, and the whole face seems to have changed.

my country’s first-class actor Jackie Chan is a very famous international Kung Fu movie star. He has portrayed many classic roles and has many classics masterpiece. He has been in the entertainment industry for decades. People who often watch his plays will find that Jackie Chan used to have single eyelids. In 1979, Jackie Chan cut his double eyelids because he was kicked out of the corner of his eyes for the most part.

No one would have imagined that he, who cut his double eyelids, is becoming more and more prosperous, and has a place in the field of international kung fu stars A pair of garlic eyelids, full of spirit eyes and iconic fat nose.It really gives people a bright feeling. Help me to compare, Jackie Chan in the early years looked very ordinary and mediocre , Even if you play a supporting role, you can’t see anything outstanding. Later, with double eyelids, the road to stardom is very bright.

Qi Wei was the first female star to publicly admit that she had cut her double eyelids on a social platform. , Many people said that Qi Wei’s double eyelid stickers were very dramatic, which caused a lot of complaints. But laterQi Wei stood up and said that my mother never put double eyelid stickers, it was cut off.< /span>

However, Qi Wei’s double eyelids are very clear, especially when she closes her eyes But judging from his facial features, the appearance of double eyelids did not reduce his appearance, but made his whole person more and more refined. Back then, with single eyelids, he was very chesty, and his face was more masculine, so he walked in a playful way Very narrow.

Hawick Lau is in entertainment There is definitely a plastic surgery boss in the circle. When he had a celebrity father who came to the mainland to develop, his acting career was very ordinary. Many people wondered that Hawick Lau is so handsome. The market should be good. In fact, this is not the case, because Hawick Lau looked really good in the early years. Not good looking, average appearance, single eyelids, wide nose, thick raised eyebrows, in the entertainment industry is definitely an ordinary passerby who can no longer be ordinary.