3 head nurses were fired from public office, what happened?

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Before the deceased is taken to the funeral home

NeedA nucleic acid certificate? Official: not required

Recently, a netizen posted: “Shanghai stipulates that before sending the deceased to the funeral home, those who died in the hospital must present a 72-hour nucleic acid certificate, and those who died at home must present the last nucleic acid certificate. .”

On August 8, the funeral management department of the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau stated in an interview with The Paper that Shanghai funeral homes do not need the nucleic acid negative certificate of the deceased to pick up and cremate the remains. .

The Funeral Management Department of Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau also stated that individual funeral homes, for families who need to hold a memorial service for the deceased, consider that relatives and friends will be in close contact with the remains to bid farewell, so they will pay attention to the deceased’s death. Health status investigation, but this practice is inconvenient for citizens to do business. The funeral management department of the Civil Affairs Bureau has stopped the practice of individual funeral homes, and once again asked all funeral homes in the city to strive to be humane for their families on the basis of strictly abiding by the epidemic prevention. Serve. (The Paper)

Sichuan No. 1 Hospital wants to “let patients stay for a long time”?

Local Health Commission: Involved in the investigation

On August 9, a netizen broke the news that a hospital named Luzhou Fukang in Sichuan Province was in the process of displaying the “marketing plan for the second half of 2022”, and the catalog column appeared “How to make patients Contents such as “staying for a long time” and “how to make patients queue up for us to pay” have caused controversy.

In response to the content posted on the Internet, Luzhou Fukang Hospital said that what the hospital wants to express is that everyone should improve their service awareness and treat patients like family members, “so that this person will be sick next time. , I will also think of our hospital, because the PPT was not done well.” The relevant staff of the Jiangyang District Health Bureau of Luzhou City responded that Luzhou Fukang Hospital is a private hospital, and the health and health departments at the two levels in Luzhou City have been involved in the investigation. , “There is a meeting now, and the results will be announced as soon as possible.” (Tianmu News)

3 head nurses from Jiangsu No. 1 hospital fired from public office

A few days ago, the Supervisory Committee of Taixing City, Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province severely violated the law against Wan Yan, Head Nurse of the Delivery Center of Taixing City People’s Hospital, Cao Huayun, Head Nurse of New 5 Ward, and Yao Yun, Head Nurse of New 6 Ward The issue was investigated.

After investigation, Wan Yan, Cao Huayun, and Yao Yun took advantage of their positions to seek benefits for others and solicited or illegally accepted other people’s property. Wan Yan and Cao Huayun also have the problem of accepting gifts and gifts from others that may affect the fair exercise of public power.

Wan Yan, Cao Huayun, and Yao Yun all constituted serious duty violations and were suspected of duty crimes, and should be dealt with severely. In accordance with the “Supervision Law of the People’s Republic of China”, “The Law of the People’s Republic of China on Administrative Sanctions for Public Officials” and other relevant regulations, and after the meeting of the Taixing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Taixing Municipal Supervision Commission gave Wan Yan, Cao Huayun, and Yao Yun the punishment of dismissal from public office; The three suspected criminals were transferred to the procuratorate for examination and prosecution in accordance with the law. (clean and clean Taizhou)

One place planning for developing child allowance

Three children $1,000 per month per child

According to the news on the website of the Longwan District Government of Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province on August 8, the Longwan District Health Bureau of Wenzhou City replied on July 6 to Zhang Dongmei, member of the first session of the sixth session of the District Political Consultative Conference, “On improving young people of school age” The Proposal for Supporting Measures for Birth Policy” stated that Longwan District plans to provide 500 yuan per month childcare subsidy per child for the second child, and 1,000 yuan per month per child for the third child, until the age of 3. (Website of Longwan District Government, Wenzhou City)

Lucheng, Wenzhou: Prevention and Control Measures for Medical Institutions

Not in place, take “Four Ones”

Recently, the Lucheng District Health Bureau of Zhejiang Province has carried out a major inspection of the law enforcement for epidemic prevention and control in primary medical institutions. Implement various epidemic prevention and control measures.

It is reported that the “Four Uniforms” include: medical institutions’ ineffective prevention and control leads to the spread of the epidemic, and the “Medical Institution Practicing License” will be revoked; The “Physician’s Practice Certificate” will be revoked; during the epidemic prevention and control period, the patients with symptoms related to new coronary pneumonia will be closed for 1-3 months for rectification; during the epidemic prevention and control period, violating the epidemic prevention and control regulations such as nosocomial infection will be punished heavier and faster in accordance with laws and regulations .

Since the launch of the epidemic prevention and control law enforcement inspection on August 3, the Lucheng District Health Supervision Institute has issued a total of 14 health supervision opinions, 6 cases have been filed, and 7 medical institutions have not strictly The implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures was ordered to suspend business for 1 week for rectification. (Wenzhou Metropolis Daily)

Anhui: 8 medical technologies restricted from use

Recently, the official website of the Anhui Provincial Health and Health Commission issued the “Notice on Printing and Distributing the Anhui Province Restricted Technology Catalog and Clinical Application Management Specification (2022 Edition)”, which clearly included the provincial restricted technology catalog. 8 technologies:

1. Allogeneic skin transplantation;

2. Tumor ablation technology (not in the national catalogue, as a provincial-level restricted diagnosis and treatment technology, only includes percutaneous radiofrequency ablation of liver lesions, percutaneous microwave ablation of liver lesions, percutaneous liver lesions Cryoablation of liver lesions; percutaneous radiofrequency ablation of lung lesions, percutaneous microwave ablation of lung lesions, percutaneous cryoablation of lung lesions);

3. Craniofacial surgical correction techniques for craniomaxillofacial deformities;

4. Oral and maxillofacial tumor cranio-maxillary radical resection;

5. Cardiovascular disease interventional diagnosis and treatment technology (including structural heart disease interventional diagnosis and treatment technology, coronary heart disease interventional diagnosis and treatment technology, pacemaker implantation interventional diagnosis and treatment technology, cardiac ablation interventional diagnosis and treatment technology);

6. Interventional diagnosis and treatment technology for cerebrovascular disease (including only intracranial vascular interventional treatment technology, emergency interventional vascular recanalization treatment technology);

7. Cochlear implant technology;

8. Some endoscopic diagnosis and treatment techniques in accordance with the fourth-level surgical management (including only digestive endoscopy, respiratory endoscopy, neuroendoscopy, and thoracoscopy part of the diagnosis and treatment techniques), children’s endoscopic diagnosis and treatment techniques Refer to the implementation. (Anhui Provincial Health Commission)

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