How did SARS, which made people “terrified” 19 years ago, suddenly disappear? It is recommended to read carefully

19 years ago, SARS was a frightening and unforgettable disaster for mankind. Because of its strong contagion, many countries and regions quickly fell in a short period of time.

According to statistics, at that time, 8,422 people around the world were unfortunately infected with the SARS virus, and the death toll was 919. Not very long and fades away quickly.

But the new crown epidemic we are facing now is hard to disappear, and it has lasted for three years so far , Why can SARS disappear suddenly, but the new crown epidemic cannot be well controlled?


How did SARS suddenly disappear 19 years ago of? It is recommended to read it carefully

From 2004 to now, there are no new SARS cases reported in the world , why did SARS suddenly disappear? The specific reason is unknown, but it is mostly guessed that it has something to do with the following three factors.

Viruses are seasonal

At that time, SARS suddenly disappeared in summer, and many people thought it might be related to the rise in temperature, but is there a cause and effect between the two? relationship needs further confirmation.

The virus itself has shortcomings

In the initial stage of SARS virus infection, the infectivity is relatively weak, and the infectivity will become stronger when the disease worsens. Most patients have high fever and cough, and are easily infected. It is found that if the prevention can be done in time, the spread of the virus can be controlled.

isolation The epidemic prevention work was done well

Because the isolation and epidemic prevention work was done well at that time, the infection source SARS patients were effectively isolated, including wearing masks, gloves, and protective clothing, so the transmission of the virus was cut off. These factors are just guesses, and there is no clear answer yet.


The level of medical care was low 19 years ago, why was SARS quickly brought under control, but the new crown pneumonia has always existed?

19 years ago, the medical level was low, SARS was brought under control within a year, and the new crown Pneumonia has persisted for three years, and there are signs of a counterattack, mainly related to the following three points.

Different sources

< p data-track="17">SARS is a single-point source, while COVID-19 is a multi-point source, which means that the source of SARS is single. As long as the source is controlled, it will be easy to control SARS.

But the new crown Pneumonia has multiple sources, and it exists in many countries. Before the outbreak in my country, some countries had already broken out, so it is difficult to control the new crown pneumonia. In addition, the epidemic prevention measures and results of each country are different, making it difficult for the new crown pneumonia to disappear. .

The virus itself is different

The fatality rate of SARS is strong, the incubation period of new coronary pneumonia is long, and it is more contagious, so patients will be contagious before being cured, and the new coronavirus is still mutating, so new coronary pneumonia has been difficult to disappear.

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When SARS broke out, the connection between countries was not as close as it is now, so it was easy to control, but now we are closer to the world, as long as foreign epidemics If it cannot be controlled, it will be difficult to clear the country.


The new coronavirus is highly contagious, how should we disinfect in our daily life ?

There are currently two types of disinfection products on the market, one is to directly act on the inside Genetic material nucleic acid, such as ultraviolet disinfection, the other is to act on protein to inactivate it, such as high temperature and chemical disinfectants.

Medical alcohol can be used in the family for environmental disinfection. Alcohol can kill viruses with an envelope structure, For example, for the new crown virus, 75% alcohol disinfection effect is the best.

The alcohol solution can be sprayed in a watering can, or wiped with an alcohol cotton ball, which can be used to wipe Mobile phones, door handles, keys, mice, keyboards, remote controls, etc.

Chlorine disinfectants include bleach , bleach, 84 disinfectant, etc. Peroxide disinfectants are hydrogen peroxide, chlorine dioxide, etc., which can be used to disinfect surfaces such as tables, bedside tables, door and window handles, stair handrails, and sanitary ware.

In the face of the new crown virus, we must do a good job of prevention and disinfection in our daily life, which is to cut off the transmission route and control the epidemic of infectious diseases One of the most important means is to learn to disinfect correctly to avoid opportunities for the new coronavirus.