Don’t be superstitious about small advertisements for psoriasis, it will take you to understand the diagnosis, treatment and conditioning

Psoriasis is a chronic disease in dermatology. Recurrent outbreaks are not easy to eradicate. As a Chinese medicine practitioner who has been engaged in clinical practice for many years, the author mainly uses traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine as a supplement in clinical syndrome. Because the abnormal metabolism of the human body is the main factor leading to psoriasis, the key to treatment is to regulate the metabolic balance of the human body. Traditional Chinese medicine has obvious advantages in regulating the balance of human metabolism. The ointment of western medicine can relieve the rash very well. While taking traditional Chinese medicine, it can be combined with external ointment for symptomatic treatment.

Psoriasis is classified according to wind, cold, damp heat and seasonal factors:

Blood heat type:

1. Syndrome of wind-heat accumulation of poison into the blood, proposed prescription: addition and subtraction of Qiaogen Xijiao Dihuang Pills.

2. Syndrome of accumulated heat entering the blood, the proposed prescription: rhino horn rehmannia pills, Shanzhi rhubarb addition and subtraction.

3. Syndrome of stagnation and heat in the liver meridian, the proposed prescription: Danzhi Xiaoyao Pills and Xijiao Dihuang Pills.

4. Damp heat accumulated in the blood syndrome, proposed prescription: Chushijiedu Decoction combined with Xijiao Dihuang Pills.

Blood-dryness type:

1. Wind-heat skin stasis syndrome, proposed prescription: addition and subtraction of Qingying Decoction.

2. Syndrome of blood deficiency and diarrhoea, proposed prescription: addition and subtraction of Angelica Yinzi.

3. Deficiency of both qi and blood, blood stasis and heat stagnation syndrome, the proposed prescription: Shengyu Decoction combined with Xijiao Dihuang Pills.

Blood stasis type:

1. Wind-heat skin stasis syndrome, proposed prescription: Liangxuewugentang plus chicken blood Vine, centipede.

2. Deficiency of yin and blood, stagnation of heat and stagnation syndrome, prescription: habitat, eclipta, arborvitae leaves, scrophulariaceae, paeonol, gardenia, licorice.

Syndrome of external cold and internal heat, proposed prescription: addition and subtraction of Mafang Xijiao Dihuang Wan.

Syndrome of yang deficiency and external cold, proposed prescription: Ephedra Fuzi Asari Decoction plus Shanzhi and Lingxiaohua.

As long as the diagnosis is correct, most of the symptoms can be relieved within 1-2 weeks. After another 3-6 months of consolidation therapy.

Patients must also avoid spicy food, seafood and high-calorie and high-protein food in daily life, so as to prevent the increase of heat. If you can strictly avoid food, and adhere to the correct TCM syndrome differentiation and treatment, the clinical curative effect of this disease is still very good. It has been reported in the literature that 70-90% of patients’ rashes can be relieved through effective treatment, and only a small part of many patients have occasional flare-ups. According to my clinical observation for many years, some patients will not relapse for many years, and some patients will relapse in a small range due to factors such as living habits, diet, and residual dampness and heat in the body. If you want to avoid recurrence, you still need close cooperation between patients and doctors.