1 handful of green walnut skin, help psoriasis, skin looks new

“Compendium of Materia Medica” records that green walnut skin has analgesic effect. In the prescription of traditional Chinese medicine, the green skin of wild hickory is called Qinglongyi, which can be used to treat skin itching, psoriasis and other symptoms.

Walnuts are a good product for diet. It has good effects such as relieving cough and asthma, moistening dryness and laxative. So what is the effect of walnut skin? 99% of people don’t know!

Chinese medicine believes that walnut skin can be used as medicine or soaked in water.

Walnut skin is warm in nature, bitter in taste, and belongs to the liver, gallbladder, and stomach meridian. Runtong stomach, treatmentpersistent tinea, killing insectsrelieving itchingThe efficacy also has certain effects of nourishing the kidney and moistening the lungs, nourishing the body and nourishing qi.

The role and efficacy of walnut skin

1. Heat-clearing and detoxifying

Green walnut skin has a certain heat-clearing and detoxifying effect. Soaking walnut skin in water can relieve heat and relieve summer heat.

2. Diuretic and swelling

Walnut skin can promote the operation of the stomach, can diuresis, and has a certain effect on reducing swelling.

3. Kill insects and relieve itching

< span> Medical research shows that walnut skin has the effect of killing insects and relieving itching.

How is psoriasis treated?

External application of walnut peel can treat tinea capitis and psoriasis

[Usage] Fresh green walnuts, green ( Before white dew, immature walnuts) take out their outer skins and clean them. Then mash the green walnut skin and apply it on the affected area, or directly apply it on the affected area. The main functions of green walnut skin are detumescence, antipruritic and anti-inflammatory.

Psoriasis needs
differential treatment< span> You can’t use various methods blindly, you need to take medication under formal guidance, and receive scientific and formal treatment to get better soon.