Zhejiang official announced new developments! Galley’s visa was completed, Yu Jiahao returned to China on the 13th, and warmed up with the third team on the 11th

Today, Zhejiang officials announced the latest news of the team. According to the current news, Gary has obtained a visa and will officially complete the process on the 12th. Anyway, now Gary has begun to look for a flight to China, and he is expected to arrive at the end of the month, and then he will end his quarantine early next month. As far as Gary’s point is concerned, it is still more critical for Zhejiang. I hope he will not become that kind of parallel champion.

At the same time, Yu Jiahao also benefited. According to the Zhejiang official announcement, Yu Jiahao got a ticket to return to China on the 13th, which means that he will start isolation on the 14th and then rendezvous with the team. During the previous trial training, Yu Jiahao increased his mid-to-long distance, and he will become the core of the team next season. At that time, the pick-and-roll between him and Wu Qian, coupled with Yu Jiahao’s improvement in his mid-to-long distance, is a highly anticipated combination.

Zhejiang will also have a warm-up match with three teams, namely Beijing Enterprises, Jiangsu And Shandong, but it is only an internal teaching competition, there must be no live broadcast, of course there will be a score result. In any case, the training value of these teams is not bad. Among them, against Beijing Enterprises, they definitely hope to make a difference in the new season. The same is true of Jiangsu. They signed foreign aid and Liu Zhixuan, and they also want to prove themselves. There is also Shandong, which has won seven straight games in the previous warm-up games, and the running-in in the team has become better and better.

Anyway, now Zhejiang The coach has made it clear that this person is Wang Shilong. However, he doesn’t have much experience, and what he can show next season is still unknown. But when the overall framework has hardly changed, as long as the two points of Wu Qian and Yu Jiahao are targeted, Zhejiang’s record will not be bad.