Zeng Zhiwei is infected with the new crown virus. Are there any sequelae after the new crown infection?

The media revealed that the famous Hong Kong actor Zeng Zhiwei had a positive nucleic acid for the new crown virus, and his symptoms were relatively severe. During the interview, he reported in a hoarse voice that although he had symptoms, his condition was OK. He is currently isolated at home. Since China’s neighboring countries implemented the lay-flat policy, the epidemic has begun to spread uncontrollably among the population, especially the latest BA.5 virus variant, which is not only more contagious than before, but also causes more symptoms than the previous virus. Severe strain.

Compared with the influenza virus, the interval between new coronavirus infections is more frequent. It is quite common for ordinary people to suffer from the flu once or twice a year, but it is difficult to say with the new coronavirus. I have I received a consultation from a Chinese living overseas. He was infected 5 times in a year. The first three times he had no sequelae, and the last two times he left chest tightness and long-term cough symptoms, which greatly affected his life.

In fact, the sequelae symptoms brought by the new crown virus are far more than chest tightness and cough symptoms. According to foreign statistics, the proportion of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and even sudden death in the second half of the new crown infection is higher than that of ordinary people. , the response speed of the brain will also decrease, so it is the best choice to avoid infection as much as possible, and it is better to adopt a dynamic clearing policy as a whole to ensure as few infections as possible.