Yuanshen: Even with memories, fireworks must be set off every round.

Author: NGA-Big Turtle 12345

Xiaogong piled up 138 charges.

Zhongli ea plays the ball, Xiaogong q, Yelan eqa (e eats and evaporates), Bennett qe (hot q evaporates), Xiaogong eats the ball a eaaa, Bennett ea gives the ball, Xiaogong eats the ball.

In the case of three particles being blamed:

( 6+10×0.6+12+15+6+12)×1.38=78.66

I found that I was able to make a big round. (Trigger the powerful power of West Wind 4 times and feed it directly. West Wind Bennett has the same powerful playing ability as Sister West Wind)

Weakly ask, will the damage be higher?

In the absence of a five-star one-handed sword, there is no end.

Ask because there is none.

In addition, with each round of the big move, whether the sky can be in the upper position, close to or surpass Gongzang

After the reminder on the first floor, the night palace that can magnify the move may be better in the armed effect. . Attached method

Bennett ea plays the ball, Xiaogong q, Xingqiu eqe, Bennett qe, Beidou eq, Xiaogong eaaa, Beidou ea gives the ball.

Blame 3 particles:

(12+10×0.6+12×0.6+8×0.6+15+6+8×0.6)× 1.38=77.004

Can also be enlarged every round

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