Yuan Mei went out to play alone, saw the mountains in the distance, and wrote a very interesting poem

Yuan Mei was regarded as an Internet celebrity poet in the Qing Dynasty, although Internet celebrity is the most popular title at the moment, but it is used in Yuan Mei The body is also very suitable. Although there are many talented poets throughout the Qing Dynasty, in terms of talent, no one can surpass Yuan Mei. In addition to his well-written poems, he also has a deep research on Chinese studies and food. For this reason, he also wrote a “Suiyuan Food List”, which records hundreds of different kinds of food. Even today, those Chefs also regard this book as an important teaching material.

I personally like Yuan Mei very much, especially his “Moss”. Every time I read it, I will have a new understanding. description, thus telling the world many great truths. This is also the most unique part of this poem, so reading such a work is most touching, and it also allows us to learn a lot from it.

When the day is not everywhere, youth comes naturally.

The moss flower is as small as rice, and it also learns to bloom like peony.

If this poem is taken literally, it is really ordinary, and there is nothing special about it, but as long as we interpret it in depth and combine it with the plant moss, we can know that the poet is It praises the moss, and at the same time conveys a philosophy of life from it. Although we are very small, we can live a wonderful life. As long as we work hard, we can achieve our ideals in life and achieve a career. In short, we must not underestimate ourselves, we must have courage and ideals.

In addition to this one, I personally like this “Mountain Walk”, Although this poem is not as famous as the previous one, it is equally interesting to write. Here is what I want to share with you the most. The whole poem is just so handy, but every sentence is full of poetry and very vividly written. At that time, when Yuan Mei wrote this poem, he went out to play alone and saw the mountains in the distance, so he wrote such an interesting poem.

Ten miles of ruggedness and half a mile of flatness, only one peak can be sent to meet one peak.

The green hills wrap people around like a cocoon, I don’t believe there is a road ahead.

Yuan Mei’s talent cannot be said. It can also occupy a place; and his poetry is also a true biography of Tang poetry. It seems to be a very ordinary work, but it is full of poetic and picturesque. This “Mountain Xing Zayong” is also very ordinary in the literal sense. The poet just described what he saw, but combined with the mood at that time, he wrote a different landscape, as well as the poet’s interpretation of life, so this poem is also full of philosophy.

The first and second sentences describe the mountains and mountains that are not suitable for walking. , “Ten miles is rugged and half a mile flat, only one peak can be greeted by one peak.” There are many mountains in this place. After passing a mountain, there is another mountain in front. Every ten miles, the ground is uneven, so this place is not half a mile. The road is flat. After I passed countless peaks, there was another peak ahead, and it was one peak that was sent away, and another peak blocked the way.

The third and fourth sentences are more poetic and more subtly written, “The green hills wrap people around like a cocoon, I don’t believe that there is a road ahead.” Those peaks wrapped me all in them, Like a cocoon, I was firmly surrounded. I have passed countless mountain peaks, but the mountain is still in front of me, but I believe that there must be a road ahead.

Yuan Mei’s poems are not only lyrical, but also full of philosophical ideas. Reading his works can also help you learn There are many things, in such a small poem, we can feel the poet’s unique talent and his delicate emotions the most; it is only a description of ordinary scenery and ordinary mountains, but it can tell people from it. There are many great truths, as long as we walk through those layers of mountains, I believe that there must be a way in front of us. This is the same as life. When we can’t persist, we must persevere. I believe there will be a way out. .