A philosophical poem by Liu Yuxi: Yiyi is like a gentleman, and everywhere is suitable! deeply written

Liu Yuxi’s poems are very unique, the reason why his poems are unique , that is because the thoughts are profound and philosophical everywhere, which is different from the works of other poets; friends who are familiar with Tang poetry may know that Tang poetry is mainly lyrical, unlike the later Song poetry blindly pursued philosophy. However, Liu Yuxi’s poems are not only lyrical, but also very philosophical. Taking his most representative “Fun Lotte, Yangzhou First Encounter at a Banquet”, it is full of philosophical ideas, especially the neck couplet: Shen A thousand sails pass by the side of the boat, and a thousand trees spring ahead of the sick tree. It was written very profoundly, and it also told many great truths to the world.

We can actually learn a lot from these philosophical poems, as long as we understand Then, I understand what life is, and then I understand many truths. In fact, most of Liu Yuxi’s works are full of philosophy. In addition to the one mentioned above, there is also this song “Bamboo in the Garden”, which is also very philosophical. The poet borrowed bamboo and told the world that we must be like bamboo. With a gentleman’s style, and no matter what kind of original environment, it is able to survive.

Dew, polyester and lead powder festival, the wind shakes green jade branches.

Yiyi is like a gentleman, nowhere is inappropriate.

Bamboo is also the favorite of literati of all dynasties. It is called “Four Gentlemen” together with plum, orchid and chrysanthemum. “Flower” represents a positive attitude towards life, which is why people like these four kinds of plants. However, bamboo is different. Its life is extremely tenacious, no matter where it is. In such an environment, it is possible to grow, and it is this spirit that has given the world great encouragement.

The most important thing for a person to live in the world is to have a noble character and a pure soul. Bamboo, a plant that seems to be very common, grows everywhere, but we can feel it most from him. He has a noble character and a calm attitude towards life. No matter where he is, bamboo grows lush and green. People see this kind of personality and tenacious vitality in bamboo, so they naturally hope that they have that kind of personality. Character, can face everything calmly like bamboo.

Liu Yuxi’s life was also very unsatisfactory. Because of his participation in the Yongzheng reform in his early years, later this After the reform failed, he was banished to another place and did not return to Luoyang until his later years. It was such a life experience that made him have a deeper understanding of life, and the works he created were naturally full of philosophy. In this poem, he borrowed bamboo to tell the world a lot of great truth. The first two sentences at the beginning are about the uniqueness of bamboo. Dew washes the powder on the bamboo joints to make it look more beautiful. Spirit, the breeze blowing through that bamboo branches swaying from side to side in the wind.

The third and fourth lines are the most classic, and they play a finishing touch in the whole poem, “Yiyi Like a gentleman, no place is suitable.” Bamboo swaying in the wind, like a gentleman, and only bamboo can do it. No matter what kind of environment, bamboo can grow very well. Liu Yuxi is telling the world that although we are very small, we should be like bamboos. We should have that kind of calm attitude towards life. No matter what happens, we must persevere and maintain a positive attitude. Only in this way You can live a more wonderful life and live out yourself.

Liu Yuxi’s poems are very infectious and philosophical. In the poem “Bamboo”, there is actually no superb skills, but it is just so straightforward and straightforward, but the writing is very interesting and profound. As long as we can comprehend one or two from it, we believe that it will also be helpful to life, which is also the most unique part of this poem. What a poem represents is an attitude towards life. Liu Yuxi has integrated his own interpretation of life into his works. The helplessness and suffering in life are the most important things for a poet. good return.