“Your dowry 300,000, to decorate my dad’s house, this is the unanimous decision of the whole family” “OK”

In every woman’s heart, there is a sensitive and fragile side. Looking for a warm shelter and warm company is their lifelong pursuit.

Time can test people’s hearts, but we don’t have much time to “try love”. At a certain age, getting married and starting a family seems like a task.

People who know people’s hearts and know how to balance often have a long-term vision, but many people in life choose the wrong life partner because of impulsiveness and blindness.

For girls, the protection and care of their lover is the prerequisite for happiness, and it is also an important “chip” for them to gain a firm foothold in their husband’s family.

A smart man will guard his partner’s heart, take care of his lover’s emotions, and always put each other first. But some men lack this awareness.


01. Cao Ye (pseudonym) is a beautiful girl, she pursues free love, no matter what her parents say Persuasion, she refused to go on a blind date. It was not until she was 29 that she met Xiaotao (pseudonym) online through software.

This boy has a good image and a sweet mouth. After meeting frequently, the two became a couple. Because she is used to being independent and her family background is better, she is very generous in getting along with her, and sometimes she takes the initiative to bear the expenses.

Xiao Tao is full of passion for life, and he loves to talk boldly and full of ambition, which Cao Ye admires very much. Knowing that his family was poor and that he wanted to start a business, Cao Ye even agreed to “raise” him for a year.

Xiao Tao was very moved. He promised to repay this kindness in the future and promised to provide a luxurious wedding. But Cao Ye discovered that he was a person who could shout slogans but had no actual actions. After resigning, he has been playing games at home.

02. Cao Ye was a little angry. At her request, Xiao Tao finally found A stable job, but he has resentment, accusing the other party of not understanding him. After getting along for more than a year, the parents of both parties met and prepared to get engaged.

Actually, her parents are not optimistic about this relationship, but Cao Ye is not young, and she has devoted herself to it. When they got engaged, they asked for a bride price of 120,000 yuan, and agreed to dowry 300,000 yuan in cash and a car.

However, Xiao Tao sent a message that night: “Our family’s conditions are average, and the bride price is only 30,000!” Cao Ye was very distressed, but everyone knew that she was getting married soon news, so in the end I could only bite the bullet and agree.

After getting married, she didn’t buy a house, so she lived in Xiaotao’s hometown, which was really inconvenient. The mother-in-law was very harsh and asked her to spend 2,000 a month for living expenses. And as long as there are some deliveries, the mother-in-law will accuse her of not being able to live.

03. One year later, Cao Ye was determined to buy a house. After all, she had a lot of savings. However, Xiaotao and her mother-in-law strongly objected: “We are not biased here, and the transportation is also convenient. Why spend all the money on the house? Can’t you save it?”

Cao Ye was very disappointed, because no matter what differences there were between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, Xiao Tao stood by her mother-in-law regardless of right or wrong. But for the sake of family harmony, she chose to forbear. However, a few days later, Xiaotao made another request:

“You are close to the work unit, the car I bought last year was for my sister to drive, and the 300,000 yuan you got as a dowry , to give a part of my parents to renovate the house, this is the unanimous decision of the whole family.”

At this moment, Cao Ye finally understood that he was just an outsider: “Okay, let’s just take the car. Send your sister, and give you all the money, anyway, I am a talkative cash machine!” After some quarrels, she moved back to her mother’s house and planned to divorce.

Yan Yan has something to say:

It is good for adults to have their own opinions, but marriage is not a child’s play after all. Her willfulness caused Cao Ye to be repeatedly injured. In getting along, she was always burdened by face and suffered a lot of grievances in the end. Let go, perhaps relief.

Xiao Tao is very conceited, and his heart is naive and selfish. For a long time, he failed to give his lover basic respect and understanding, and he did not really accept each other. All kinds of inappropriate actions are destined to make him lose his happiness.

Many people in love feel good about themselves. They have an inexplicable sense of superiority and always expect the other party to cater to them unconditionally. This “self-centered” mentality will subtly affect feelings.

Men’s protection and love are an important source of security for women; men’s mediation and decision-making in the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is the prerequisite for maintaining family harmony. Man, you can catch true love.

There is no perfect marriage in life, and differences and frictions are bound to exist. Only by comparing your heart to your heart and knowing how to reflect on yourself can you keep your lover’s heart; only by keeping motivated and setting priorities can you give her more confidence and hope.

The wrong relationship is not worth sticking to

When you choose a relationship at the beginning, look for it When you are alone, you must feel a lot of romance and sweetness, but there are right and wrong feelings, and time will eventually reveal everything.

Love needs to be cherished, marriage needs to be maintained, and necessary redemption is necessary, but if you have suffered for a long time and are always not respected, you must consider stopping the loss.