Can’t get up and can’t last, what should I do?

I can’t get erection when I’m working, or my erection can’t last long, I often stop eating halfway, and I have weak ejaculation, my waist and knees are weak afterward, and I usually have insomnia Dreaminess, forgetfulness, physical fatigue and other problems are all related to the deficiency of your heart and spleen. In Chinese medicine, the spleen governs the movement and transformation. When getting an erection, if you don’t get enough blood support, you will not be able to get erect, or it won’t last long. At this time, you need to nourish the heart and spleen. This is more symptomatic and the effect is obvious. When the temper is replenished, qi and blood flow smoothly, and the erection will naturally be strong. I am Wang Shiping, a Chinese medicine doctor. I have been studying impotence and premature ejaculation for more than 40 years. Chinese medicine pays attention to dialectical treatment, one person and one side. If you also have this problem, follow me, type the number 1 in the comment area, and I will reply one by one.