Yingze District, Taiyuan City: Strictly prevent the “epidemic” line, “vegetables” send warmth

“Boss, how do you sell the tomatoes?” “How much is the egg?” In the Yongbang Market in a community on Taxi Street, all stall operators wear masks, and seasonal vegetables are neatly arranged and everything is available. Everyone chooses dishes in an orderly manner… The “little days” for ordinary people to eat three meals a day are the key to social stability. The “big ledger”. During the temporary quiet management period, a community on Shuangta West Street put the health and life safety of residents as the top priority, strictly preventing the epidemic, ensuring supply, and reassuring the people, and doing their best to be “orderly soldiers” for residents’ living security. Protect the “vegetable basket” of residents, and make residents feel at ease and at ease.

Outstanding epidemic prevention and control A “strict” character

There is such a figure, shuttles in Yongbang Market every day, he does not carry the basket , but holding a temperature gun; he does not pick vegetables, but helps everyone maintain order.

He is the community grid member Yan Yaofeng. On November 19th, after receiving the notice of temporary silence management, Shuangyi Community actively deployed various tasks, immediately issued notices about temporary silence and the time to go out to the residents, and arranged for special personnel to visit various merchants and vegetable markets throughout the day Be on duty, carefully inspect the “Four Elements”, and strictly control the number of people entering; require merchants in the vegetable market to open doors and windows, keep ventilated, disinfect at least 4 times a day, and keep records of disinfecting; make full use of promotional banners , Market publicity screens and small speakers at the entrance and exit to publicize and broadcast epidemic prevention knowledge; establish a vegetable market epidemic prevention and control inspection mechanism, and the community “two committees”, grid members and party member volunteers set up a vegetable market epidemic prevention and control inspection team, which is not available every day. Regular inspections and supervision are carried out to ensure the safety of residents’ shopping.

“When I went to supermarkets and vegetable markets these days, the staff and stall operators wore masks to work, and there were volunteers who stood by every day. Escort for our safety, so that everyone feels at ease.” Sun Zhigang, a resident of the jurisdiction, said.

Serving residents highlights a “fine” word

Yingze Building No. 8 is a high-risk area, and the residents are locked at home. In order to let the residents who are locked at home eat fresh vegetables as soon as possible, the community secretary Cao Ran contacted the vegetable market manager in time to explain the situation of the community and the needs of the residents. The market distributes big gift bags of vegetables, and volunteers incarnate as “Dabai” to deliver vegetables to the door, making every effort to protect the “vegetable basket” of residents.

“I bought it yesterday, and the vegetable gift pack I sent over is very fresh…” Potatoes, tomatoes, Chrysanthemum chrysanthemums, shallots, fresh mushrooms… After each household receives a large vegetable gift package, it will share it in the WeChat group, which also makes home isolation warm and loving. “The community workers are really attentive. We must fully cooperate, stay at home with peace of mind, and strive to overcome the epidemic as soon as possible!” Residents of Building 8 expressed their gratitude in the WeChat group.

In order to ensure supply, stabilize the market, and reassure the people, the community also issued a call to ensure that residents have sufficient daily dishes and not to drive up prices during the special period, and insisted on visiting the dishes every day Market, understand the supply and inventory of meat, eggs, vegetables and fruits, ensure that residents can purchase fresh and affordable vegetables, and assist each vegetable market to make emergency plans one by one to ensure stable market supply and residents’ peace of mind.

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