Dongping Street, Dongping County: Family Tradition Promotes Integrity, Creating a Clean Village in the New Era

Recently, the author walked into Shilou Village, Dongping Street, Dongping County. The content of the family style display board has attracted groups of villagers to come to visit and study.

The clean and honest family style has been prosperous for a hundred years, and the clean and honest culture has been passed down from generation to generation. Shilou Village has always taken family tradition and family precepts as an important starting point, promoting integrity with the family, supporting integrity with the family, and promoting integrity with the family, laying a solid foundation for promoting the culture of integrity and building a clean and honest village.

Create a unique cultural gallery of family training The family traditions and mottos of each household are shown, and the family traditions are used to promote the family tradition, the family tradition is used to bring the village style, and the village style is used to promote incorruptibility; set up a clean and honest story square, and introduce the stories of the clean and honest officials of the past dynasties into the cultural square, so that the clean culture can be integrated into leisure Life, create the effect of “moisturizing things silently”; every household hangs a family training display card, let the “family training” protect the family’s integrity, “shape” the family style, and moisten the “big ecology” of the society with the family “microclimate”; build a family The Educational Theme Pavilion carries out themed education for different groups such as teenagers and ordinary families, so as to achieve the effect of “educating a child, affecting a family, and driving the whole society”, laying a solid foundation for the construction of clean and honest villages in the new era. (Correspondent Lv Jianjian)