Yesterday, he missed a penalty kick…

Doha time on the 23rd

After 36 years of long waiting

The Canadian team returns to the World Cup

Before the game, as an announcer

When Alphonso Davies’ name is called

All Canadian fans

with the strongest cheers

To pay tribute to their number one football hero

On November 23, 2022 local time, the Belgian goalkeeper Courtois (rear) saved the Canadian player A Fonso Davies (left) penalty. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Meng Dingbo

What a pity

Didn’t see the best Davis

He missed the penalty

< span>The Canadian team finally lost 0:1 to the Belgian team

This talented new star’s World Cup debut

Just like his life track

Getting Started Hard

< span>2000

Davis was born in

In a refugee camp in Ghana

In that place full of hunger and death

The Davis family stayed for five years

After several twists and turns

Davis finally followed his parents

Come to Canada as a refugee

The first days were not Bad

They always move

Until Edmonton in elementary school

An after-school football game

It completely changed Davis’ fate

“This kid is God’s gift to football”

For Davis’s football talent is far beyond ordinary people

His enlightenment coach Adams is still fresh in his memory

Local time 2020 On February 21, 2019, Bayern Munich player Alfonso Davies (middle) and Paderborn player Jans (right) competed. Published by Xinhua News Agency (Photo by Philip Ruiz)

One record after another was quickly broken by him

15 years and 8 months

Davis entered the MLS

16 years and 7 months

Davis becomes representative of Canada Team

The youngest player to play


He joined the Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich


Davis began to play the main role in Bayern

Won the UEFA Champions League with the team

Fast, strong, and sharp

He has become the best side in world football One of the road players

Qatar World Cup Qualifiers

Davis leads Team Canada

Directly promoted with the first place in the division

For the first time, this fanatical ice hockey country was ignited by football

“He defined this team

” span>

Confident and energetic

Believe anything is possible. ”

Canadian team coach Heldman

Credit to Davies

First World Cup

Davis admits he was ‘a bit nervous’

Perhaps at this time people will remember

He just turned 22 this month

And this 22-year-old young man

This refugee child

Has carried the hope of the whole country about football

< /p>

On November 23, 2022 local time, Canadian team player Ah Fonso Davis (first from left) shoots in the game. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Han Yan

Maybe many people don’t know

In this game, Davis returned from injury

He was injured suddenly before the World Cup

In order to catch up with this game

Do everything possible to recover

From refugee camps in West Africa to the World Cup stage

This way

Davis It took 17 years

He did not allow himself to be absent< /strong>

For Davis

Participating in the World Cup is not just for yourself

< p data-track="91">It is more related to those who are still struggling in the quagmire of misery

He wants to show everyone on the World Cup stage

“Refugees are human too

If there is a chance

also can Becoming a football player…”

Dai Weiss never forgets where he came from

He announced early

All income during the World Cup will be distributed

All to charity

On October 15, 2020 local time, Bayern Munich Player Alfonso Davies (right) dribbles past Dylan’s player Omerbasic’s defense during the game. Published by Xinhua News Agency (Photo by Philip Ruiz)

Maybe this is the meaning of the World Cup

Football is a dream

I hope

It is for those who are suffering

The Power to Lift Your Head

The light is just ahead

Source: Xinhua News Agency